What is the Difference Between CBD and CBD Oil?

by in CBD Information October 16, 2019

CBD has swept through cities, suburbia, and online forums ever since it has been legalized in waves starting in mid 2014. Now it seems that different products are popping up everywhere and in every form imaginable.


Though it’s covered frequently in pop science articles and in print media, CBD still remains a mystery to many curious consumers. There are many confusing distinctions concerning CBD products, as not everyone is aware that there are different types of CBD and different places it’s derived from.


What is CBD?


CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one out of nearly one hundred active phytocannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants. Although many people confuse CBD with the THC marijuana, these two compounds are nearly completely opposite on the cannabinoid spectrum.


In fact, CBD is neither psychoactive or addictive. Research has shown that CBD may even counteract the mental and emotional impacts of high THC compounds like marijuana on the brain.


Most CBD is derived from hemp which is a subcategory – or particular species – of the cannabis plant. Unlike other types of cannabis, hemp contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive compound THC, making it sustainable enough to be used in CBD products taken for any occasion. Historically, hemp has been used to make durable fabrics and wartime composite materials, in addition to being considered a highly nutritional food.


CBD works by binding to specific receptor sites along the endocannabinoid system, also known as the ECS. In this way, CBD may reduce the negative impacts of a wide variety of mental, physical, and emotional health conditions. Research has linked CBD to powerful anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and anti-anxiety impacts.


The ECS is involved in nearly every aspect of mammalian health and wellness, acting as a regulatory system that helps to promote homeostasis throughout the entire body. In the brain, CBD binds to specific receptors in a way that may improve mood, cognition, appetite, and anxiety. In the rest of the body, CBD binds to the ECS to help with chronic pain, digestive problems, and autoimmune issues.


What is CBD Oil?


Though CBD and CBD Oil are often conflated, CBD oil is somewhat distinct. CBD Oil is a particular type of CBD treatment that is extracted from the hemp plant.


CBD oil is derived from the cannabis resin found on the buds of cannabis flowers, specifically nestled inside of the densely furrowed trichome structures.


In short, CBD is the actual compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant, while CBD oil is the product created through the extraction process.

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