What Is The Best Way To Store CBD?

by in CBD Information October 16, 2019

Lots of people love CBD treatments, tinctures, and edible goods that can be found at any local retailer. Yet, not many know that there are good and bad ways to store their oftentimes expensive and highly concentrated CBD products.


Though we might often forget it, CBD is an active compound that can be best preserved for a long period of time through employing a few simple storage habits.


For the most part, vendors don’t advertise how long their CBD products last due to the lack of federal regulation around the issue. This results in persistent confusion and a lack of consumer awareness concerning expired products.


How Should I Store CBD?


It’s well known in the community that the fastest way to destroy the efficacy of CBD treatments is continuous exposure to temperature extremes, sun light, heat, and moisture.


Why is CBD sensitive to these forces of nature? Cannabidiol, which is the full term for CBD, is part of a larger category of cannabinoids that are found in strains of hemp and cannabis. Exposure to extremes or variation in weather can cause the active ingredients in these plants to denature, no longer considered biologically active or able to induce any change in the human body.


In order to combat this problem, the majority of CBD treatments come in amber colored or opaque glass bottles, which prevents light from penetrating the pure CBD formulation.


Additionally, it is recommended that you store your CBD oils in an upright position, away from external sources of light and heat. If you live in a humid climate, try and keep your CBD treatment in a dehumidified environment or airtight container, since excess moisture can be detrimental to the treatment.


In general, dry, dark pantries work very well for keeping CBD preserved for the longest amount of time as possible.


What About Storing CBD In The Refrigerator?


Some folks recommend that you store your CBD oils in the refrigerator, since keeping them somewhat cool can ensure a longer shelf life for the product. However, storing the CBD treatment in the freezer may cause the oil to harden or become more viscous, requiring that you run the mixture under lukewarm water before using it.


It’s recommended to only store CBD in the freezer if you want to extend the shelf life for a very long time and don’t intend to keep refreezing it after use.


Making sure to store your CBD properly can ensure that it has the highest possible shelf life. Many people find that their treatments can last longer than one year just through using proper storage techniques.


If you’re concerned about whether or not your product has been stored past its shelf life, there’s no harm in trying a dose and seeing if it’s still effective. If the product is truly expired, you will likely experience no shifts in mood or health issue sensitivity.

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