What is CBD Coffee?

by in CBD Information October 16, 2019

It seems that every local coffee shop has hopped onto to trendy CBD coffees and baked goods. Cafes offering CBD treats, drinks, and mix-ins are getting a lot of media attention and consumer buzz recently.


Some coffee shops in metropolitan areas report that as many as one third to one half of their customers are opting to mix their latte with CBD oil. So, what exactly makes a drink a CBD Coffee and what are its effects?


Know About CBD Coffee


CBD, known as cannabidiol, is one of the most major compounds found in strains of hemp and cannabis buds. Even though hemp has long been conflated with marijuana, the truth is that CBD is neither dependency-inducing or psychoactive.


In fact, users report that CBD leaves them completely sober, instead bringing benefits of reduced pain sensitivity, reduce anxiety, and decreased severity of a myriad of health conditions.


Researchers have shown that CBD carries a wide variety of beneficial outcomes when consumed regularly. Recent studies have linked CBD use to anti-inflammatory properties, neuroprotective benefits, improved appetite, better skin, reduced pain from chronic conditions, and decreased suffering from mood disorders.


Some users who use CBD report that it makes them drowsy. While this is much needed for late-night insomniacs, many want all of the mood and focus enhancing properties of CBD without the fatigue.


CBD coffee solves this problem. Many consider it the perfect combination, since the caffeine buzz helps to balance out the sedative effects of CBD oil. Rather than getting jittery, CBD coffee drinkers report that they feel a natural peacefulness while still being highly alert.


For those who don’t want to shell out the extra money for a CBD boost to their morning cup of coffee, CBD oils and tinctures serve as effective ways to make your own cup at home. Some recommend making a CBD latte with steamed milk, espresso, pure CBD oil, and an extra touch of cinnamon and honey. Since CBD naturally tastes herby, the added honey will balance out the flavor.


Are There Any Drawbacks To CBD Coffee?


Perhaps the biggest drawback to CBD-enhanced coffee found in local cafes is that the customer never knows where the CBD is sourced from. Currently, the CBD market is highly unregulated since federal legislation legalized hemp yet did almost nothing to vet those producing CBD from it.


Ultimately, the safest way to get CBD coffee is to buy it from a highly reputable vendor or to craft it yourself with robustly tested CBD tinctures.

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