Traveling With CBD: What You Need To Know

by in CBD Information October 28, 2019

Since 2014, CBD markets have witnessed their gradual introduction to the fully legal limelight. The United States’ Farm Bill went a long way towards securing the fate of the market, since new federal laws reclassified hemp as an agricultural commodity rather than an illicit substance.

Now, any general consumer can head to any licensed vendor that sells CBD. In the majority of states, vendors have no problem selling, distributing, or cultivating the hemp that ends up derived into CBD.

However, things get much trickier for those who are trying to travel internationally and sometimes even domestically. There’s no shortage of news stories about ailing grandmothers serving short prison sentences for bringing completely THC-free CBD into airports, foreign countries, or unfriendly local districts.

What Should A Traveler Carrying CBD Know?

Depending on your mode of travel, the advice you should keep in mind will differ massively. For international and domestic flights, it’s much more important to keep up to date on the flight regulations that apply both to your home flight, destination, and country.

For the United States, it was recently made legal for any passenger to carry CBD-laced medical treatments, such as the FDA approved Sativex, in their carry on bag or checked luggage. However, all passengers with medical explanations for bringing CBD must have a doctor’s prescription note and the treatment must be properly labelled.

What does this mean for the general CBD fan? Confusingly, the regulation stating that “flying with any amount of THC is illegal” is still in place, despite the liberalizing policies of the TSA. In the United States, hemp-derived CBD doesn’t mean “legal CBD” in the airport.

Though it’s unlikely you’ll get stopped, CBD Isolate products, which don’t even contain trace amounts of THC, are the safest option for those without prescriptions. Despite federal deregulation, some states like Texas have local laws stating that CBD with more than 0.0 percent THC is completely illegal.

In addition to knowing the rules of your airport, you should also keep in mind the laws of your target destination before traveling with CBD. While the United States may seem like a friend of the CBD industry, the truth is that CBD treatments are regulated by a confusing patchwork of contentious local laws.

In general, if the source and destination of your flight, airport, and country’s laws have liberal stances towards CBD, it is likely you won’t face any issues the day of travel. If you have a medical reason for taking CBD, make sure to always keep your prescription note on hand as extra documentation.

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