Top 5 Questions & Myths About CBD

by in CBD Information October 28, 2019
CBD Oil Myths

As CBD has popped up everywhere from cafes to protein shops to online stores, the facts and fiction around the treatment have culminated to a fever pitch. While many of the claims surrounding CBD are true, there is plenty of misinformation circulating about its effects, health benefits, and chemical makeup.  


1. Does CBD Get You High Like THC?


No, CBD does not get you high. In fact, it’s physiologically impossible to get high off of CBD derived from hemp, which is a legally defined category of cannabis plant that has less than 0.3 percent THC content. 


Researchers have found that not only is CBD non-intoxicating and non-addictive, it actually works to counteract the high sensation caused by compounds like THC. Though there are some high THC CBD products in states where marijuana is legal, these treatments are not well-known for their ability to cause a disruptive psychotropic experience.


2. Is CBD Legal Everywhere? 


Just because most CBD products are derived from industrially certified hemp, doesn’t mean they are universally legal. In the United States, some states and counties have specific laws restricting the trade of CBD products despite federal legislation that has completely legalized hemp.  


Outside of Western countries, such as Canada and most of Europe, many Central Asian, Middle Eastern, and African countries have outright bans on hemp and hemp-derived products. Before shipping CBD to your doorstep, make sure to look into your region’s laws surrounding the trade, sale, distribution, and consumption of CBD products


3. All of a Sudden CBD is Everywhere


This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding CBD. The truth is that humans have been consuming hemp for both its nutritional and medicinal properties for thousands of years. In many parts of Central Asia and Africa, hemp grows wildly in rural areas, where it slowly got adopted into many countries’ local customs over the ages. 


Legal (state level) marijuana, hemp and CBD have made such a big splash in the news the past few years it has made a big impression on people’s awareness, so of course it seems like it is suddenly everywhere. The truth is you are probably just really noticing it because it’s presence in the news due to its changing legal status. 


4. I Took It For A Week And Didn’t See Any Changes – It Doesn’t Work! 


It can be easy to get discouraged when most of the media about CBD is so positive. Many have had life changing positive benefits on their mental and physical health conditions purely through taking CBD.


For chronic conditions, it can often take a few weeks before users notice many appreciable changes in their health. Additionally, if you don’t have a mood disorder or persistent inflammation, you’d be hard pressed to notice an immediate difference in your daily experience.


5. It Cures Everything


No, CBD is not a cure-all or a panacea. For many, CBD is best used to prevent and treat current conditions rather than to outright get rid of them. 


CBD is best used to complement a good diet, good sleep hygiene, and traditional medical treatments rather than on its own. This doesn’t mean that CBD doesn’t have very promising effects: over 80 percent of those who’ve used CBD at least once reported a moderate to substantial improvement in their mood or chronic pain conditions, according to some longitudinal studies.

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