Medical Reasons People Take CBD

by in CBD Information January 3, 2020
Medical Reasons People Take CBD Oil

CBD Oil: Medicine Or Fraud?

Ever since CBD oil, short for cannabidiol, was ‘discovered’ in 1940 there has been a whirl of conflicting attitudes towards it and a load of misinformation. Little research was done on CBD for decades due to its source (hemp and marijuana) status as a Schedule 1 drug in the United States.


With the pressure brought to bear by the United States internationally, hemp, marijuana and the products of these plants has been treated harshly and little has been done to fully understand their by-products like cannabidiol.


There have been a few important studies done, and they have shown promising results. Of course there are plenty of anecdotal reports from current users that have claimed all sorts of results. Many people spread by word of mouth their success at using CBD oil for all sorts of medical conditions. Here are three of the most common medical reasons people take CBD oil and why people say it works.

CBD Oil For Chronic Pain

Those who experience chronic pain are often frustrated at the ways and means to treat chronic pain, as it most often includes some kind of permanent prescription for opioid medications. Of course opiates have their own problems and are highly addictive, making them problematic at best. Initial studies have had promising results and claim to show that CBD reduces inflammation, which of course will reduce pain.


CBD is also thought to affect anandamide, or, the bliss molecule. Anandamide is a cannabinoid, just like CBD, but is made naturally by the body as a natural painkiller. CBD oil is thought to help the body hold on to anandamide and slow its breakdown in the body, hence, treating pain.

CBD Oil For Anxiety And Depression

Because of a lack of research it is not known exactly how CBD affects the brain. What is thought at this time is that somehow CBD alters serotonin signals and the CB1 receptors in the brain. Because serotonin  has a major effect on mental health, low serotonin levels are commonly found in people with depression and/or anxiety.


Depression is commonly treated with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, or SSRI. Many people are treating depression and anxiety with CBD because it allegedly has a similar effect as CBD on anandamide in that it helps the body prevent the breakdown of serotonin.

CBD Oil For Seizures

The purpose of the ECB, or endocannabinoid system is to maintain a healthy balance in the body, leaving it as no surprise that cannabis has been used to help people control their seizures.There have been some very well done studies on this that have posted promising results, but as stated previously, more research must be done for a full understanding of the process.


It is known that the cannabinoid receptors are very dense in the central nervous system, and we know that CBD seems to help the ECB system maintain balance in the body, but there isn’t any real evidence to help us understand why CBD acts as an anti-seizure substance. It is critical that more, substantial scientific studies be done for a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of CBD.

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