Is CBD Oil Legal In Zambia?

by in International Law October 3, 2019
CBD oil in Zambia

The Republic of Zambia is a landlocked country in south-central Africa. With its neighbors constituting the Congo to the north and Zimbabwe to the south, Zambia occupies a tense region between countries with traditionally harsh penalties towards drug use and other more liberalized areas in Africa.

Zambia takes more after it’s northern neighbors, employing harsh penalties against any suspected drug abuse, trafficking, and drug related violence all in the name of stamping out transnational criminal organizations.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Zambia?

Currently, both hemp and cannabis are completely illegal for recreational and medical use in Zambia. The possession of narcotics, including marijuana, is strictly prohibited in every area of the country. Users found with more than 0.5 grams of a high THC compound on them, whether its local varieties of hashish or internationally trafficked cannabis, can be deemed drug smugglers.

Although drug use is rampant and an often unspoken condition of many local communities, Zambian officials don’t typically turn a blind eye to public drug use. Often, one user will receive a very extreme punishment to serve as an example for the rest of the community in hopes that others will not persist in drug use. This has the unfortunate effect of driving drug abusers deeper into the social networks of local gangs, international criminal syndicates, and dealer operations, rather than allowing users to seek treatment in public health institutions.

Consumers should remain cognizant that Zambia takes a harsh stance against any and all alleged narcotic substances. Officials are not often able to distinguish between industrially crafted CBD and illicit substances like cannabis.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular CBD Oil Use?

Recent scientific studies claim to have demonstrated that CBD, also known as cannabidiol, can go a long way towards helping users achieve their health and wellness goals. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and contains none of the addictive or psychoactive components found in THC. According to many users, CBD could help conditions as diverse as:

  • Depression, anxiety, social issues, and PTSD
  • Restless Leg Syndrome and muscle spasms
  • Chronic pain conditions worsened by persistent inflammation, such as arthritis, sciatica, nerve pain, and localized joint pain
  • Severe nausea and cachexia
  • Skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis, facial redness and premature signs of aging
  • Poor appetite and fluctuating body weight
  • Vasoconstriction and high blood pressure, two of the most common precursors to heart disease
  • Insomnia

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