Is CBD Oil Legal In Virginia?

by in US Law September 26, 2019

Ever since the federal Farm Bill act in 2018, states have had to deal with the confusing tug of war between national policy, local health organizations, and groups like the FDA to determine the legality of CBD in edible items.

In 2018, Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia approved a law which allowed patients suffering from intractable epilepsy to have access to cannabidiol, better known as CBD. Later that same year, the law was significantly expanded by House Bill 1251, and further changes were introduced in 2019 which expanded consumer access to the hot commodity.

CBD Oil And The Virginia Industrial Hemp Law

In 2019, amendments to the Virginia Industrial Hemp Law became effective in March, eliminating the need for hemp to be grown purely for research purposes and instead permitting the commercial production of industrial hemp.

To legally possess hemp plants, growers must be certified dealers, processor, or agents registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture. Those in the hemp industry must reapply annually or else their license will expire. All hemp plants must adhere to the federal definition of certified hemp: the plant must contain strictly no more than 0.3 percent THC content.

Still, laws of the sale, purchase and distribution of CBD derived from hemp remain very hazy in the state. Virginia is in the midst of setting up specific laws concerning CBD and THC-A oils for medical purposes. According to this proposed change in law, all purchase of CBD oil in the future will be regulated as medicine and available only through a registered pharmacy.

Despite this, Virginia abounds with hemp derived CBD products that can be found in stores, retailers, local markets, restaurants, and even pet foods. At this time there just seems to be a general lack of will to enforce the state laws at local levels.

What Are The Claimed Benefits Of CBD?

CBD has been investigated for its role in helping users find stable mental and physical health solutions. Aside from debilitating seizure disorders, studies claim that CBD can act in a variety of ways to improve the well being of a user through multiple dimensions. Researchers refer to this as the “positive spiral”, wherein CBD allows users to relax, reducing inflammation in the body, which in turn creates a more balanced mood. Better moods mean less stress oxidation, which then further decreases physical pain symptoms, and so on.

Researchers believe CBD may play a role in:

  • Reducing vasoconstriction and bodily inflammation
  • Acting as a pain reliever
  • Neuroprotective capabilities, like preventing sports injuries from reoccurring
  • Balancing mood and relaxing the user without a “high” feeling

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