Is CBD Oil Legal In The Dominican Republic?

by in International Law October 3, 2019

After the federal Farm Bill of 2018 passed in the United States, former territories and countries around the world have been spurred into decriminalizing hemp. This was a major reversal from the War on Drugs era in the seventies, when the US coerced other nations to criminalize hemp production by employing harsh trade sanctions.

Ever since the international sanctions, the Dominican Republic has taken a hard stance against high THC compounds deemed illicit. In the past few years, the government has repeatedly rejected the legalization of high THC hemp strains, despite immense public pressure. The Dominican Federation for the Fight against Drugs (FEDELUCD) has been one of the most major inhibiting forces against the full legalization of the sale, spread, and consumption of hemp products.

Status Of CBD Oil In Question

Currently, the legal status of low THC hemp is very unclear in the Dominican Republic. Although, as the former territory has been wracked by Category 5 hurricanes the past few years, many believe that the hardy hemp plant could help revitalize the agricultural sector.

Many health advocates and industry leaders also believe that decriminalizing hemp could help reduce widespread opioid addiction and societal stress, as well as encourage more healthy lifestyles. As a Latin American country, the Dominican Republic occupies a unique economic and geographic intersection.

Hemp grows naturally on island climates and decriminalization could spur tourism. According to experts, this is a unique period of time when the Dominican Republic could still dominate Latin American hemp production in terms of global exports. However, this would require significant deregulation of hemp.

Typically, general consumers do not worry about being penalized by law enforcement. Anecdotal accounts state that officials are more concerned over high THC compound production that hemp or hemp seed oil extraction. Despite the lack of legal clarity, many specialty shops, retailers, cafes, and restaurants offer CBD oil as a booster or drink mix-ins.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Use?

Researchers have studied CBD for its therapeutic benefits on users’ mental, physical, and emotional health. CBD works by interacting with the boy’s endocannabinoid system, a complex network of receptors that regulates nearly every aspect of living from digestion to sleep. By inhibiting the body’s inflammatory autoimmune response, CBD may be helpful for decreasing the severity of a wide range of medical problems. Users reports that regular CBD use may:

  • Promote better sleep, meaning less night time wake ups and an easier time falling asleep
  • Improve ability to cope with chronic pain conditions like joint pain, arthritis, and sciatica
  • Lessen the appearance of inflammatory skin conditions
  • Promote heart health through reducing vasoconstriction
  • Act effectively against seizure and cluster migraine disordersO

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