Is CBD Oil Legal In The Czech Republic?

by in International Law October 3, 2019

CBD is taking the world by storm, with some estimates noting that the drug is anticipated to generate around $20 million in revenue by 2024. These estimates may increase further, driven by an increasing recognition that CBD is not marijuana, and as such, should be regulated differently. Over the past ten years, many countries throughout the world have recently liberalized their laws when it comes to CBD, and the Czech Republican is no exception, having seen significant liberalization of its marijuana and CBD-related laws since 2013.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In The Czech Republic?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in the Czech Republic. The decision came via a 2015 declaration, legalizing CBD in the country as long as it contained less than .3% THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical compound in marijuana that provides the “high”. Interestingly, the .3% level is more consistent with the amount found in the United States – many European countries allow for levels of .1 or .2%.

The boom has captured the attention of media watchers, who have written about how the CBD market seemed to explode in central Europe (including the Czech Republic) from 2014-2015.

Like the United States, the Czech Republic and others throughout the European Union have struggled with the labeling of drugs. In a test of 29 CBD products performed by the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, a study found that only 9 had safe levels of potentially cancer-causing chemicals. This study further highlights the need for additional consumer protections and independent testing of CBD chemicals.

Other Marijuana Laws In The Czech Republic

The availability and legality of CBD in the Czech Republic is no surprise, as the country has had increasingly liberal cannabis laws over the past decade. Medical cannabis was legalized in August 2013, although the drug is not covered by health insurance. At the time of its legalization, rather than set up its own regulations for production and growth, the legislation which legalized medical marijuana required that the drug be imported from other countries in order to ensure quality and protect consumers.

Per a 2015 ruling, foods may also have cannabis extracts as long as they contain no more than .15ppm THC.

When it comes to the availability of recreational marijuana, the Czech Republic has largely followed the path of decriminalization. If caught with up to 15 grams of marijuana or growing no more than five plants for personal use, individuals will be charged with a misdemeanor and given a fine. However, there is no state-approved method for purchasing marijuana, and individuals caught selling or transporting marijuana for the purpose of sale can be charged with a major crime and face a jail sentence of up to 18 years.

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