Is CBD Oil Legal in Spain?

by in International Law October 3, 2019

CBD, a derivative of the cannabis plant, has become very popular in the past few years, and is used by millions across the world. Its money generating potential has expanded significantly, and the CBD industry is expected to grow to $20 billion over the next five years. A slew of individual accounts reports, and numerous studies have indicated that CBD may be able to help people deal with numerous issues – emotional or physical – from which they suffer.

Many countries have changed their CBD laws and regulations, having realized that CBD is not marijuana. One example of such a country is Spain, which changed multiple pieces of their marijuana laws over the past few years.

Is CBD Oil Allowed in Spain?

Yes, CBD Oil is Legal in Spain. It is available over the counter and without a prescription. However, there are stringent legal controls on its growth and use. Like many other places in Europe, when grown, hemp must have no more than .2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the agent in cannabis commonly associated with intoxication). CBD consumed must also follow these limitations, which are relatively similar to others found in CBD products in Europe.

CBD cannot be sold as a food supplement, as per Spain’s interpretation of the European Union’s Novel Food Act. In August 2018, there were reports of shops being raided for violating these edicts. As such, the interpretation of current law is that CBD in Spain can only be sold as a topical cream or balm.

Additionally, CBD sold in Spain must not be labeled as a food supplement, or it risks violating European law. Companies involved may have their goods confiscated and face stiff financial penalties.

Tests in Spain have found that a relative lack of labeling or testing requirements have led to consumers ingesting products which do not contain CBD as advertised.

Hemp & Marijuana Growth in Spain

As noted above, hemp can be grown in Spain, as long as it follows certain regulations. Hemp was grown for centuries in the country, and that growth has only expanded in modern times. In January 2019, the Spanish government granted eight companies the license to grow cannabis sativa.

Medical Marijuana in Spain

Medical Marijuana has a long history in Spain, with the region of Catalonia legalizing the compound for medicinal purposes back in 2005. At the present, the region is now without such a formal program, but does allow for its residents to purchase marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

However, in general, Spain does not have a medical marijuana program.

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