Is CBD Oil Legal In Russia?

by in International Law October 1, 2019

The laws surrounding the use of CBD oil around the world are constantly changing as our understanding of the side-effects and uses of CBD evolve. The legality of hemp is in question and there is not a lot of information about hemp or CBD coming out of Russia. The laws concerning CBD in Russia are unclear at best but here is what we know.

Up until the 1970s low THC hemp, industrial grade hemp, was grown at a local level by many people for home usage in Russia. Hemp is often grown for its fiber and other usable parts. Hemp fiber is incredibly tough and used for clothing, rope, canvas etc. It is not known if it is still grown at a local level or not in Russia, but it is unlikely.

In the former USSR, a ban on planting and cultivation of industrial hemp was introduced by Article 225 of the RSFSR Criminal Code of 1960. This made the growing of hemp at home illegal, though it did hang on for some time afterwards.

Marijuana is illegal in Russia and that is unlikely to change. Because of the legal status of cannabis in Russia it is unlikely that any authority figure will distinguish between CBD products and any illicit substance containing THC. Travelers to Russia would be advised to either bring CBD isolate which is pure CBD containing no other products and bring their Dr.’s prescription note with them or to just leave their CBD products at home.

What Is CBD Oil?

The cannabis plant contains over 120 different cannabinoids. CBD is one of them. Different compounds in marijuana produce different effects. THC and CBD, two well-known compounds found in the marijuana plant, are very different from one another. To be clear, marijuana and industrial hemp are very different and legal CBD is made from the industrial hemp plant which has less than 0.3% THC (In the U.S.). 

THC has psychoactive effects that cause an individual to feel “high”. Whereas CBD has no psychoactive effects, and does not cause users to feel high. The marijuana plants that produce smokable flowers (i.e., weed) can contain up to 30% THC, and as mentioned previously, industrial hemp has an almost undetectable amount of THC.

CBD oils are made with different concentrations of CBD extract, to be used for different purposes. Research has suggested that CBD may produce many beneficial effects within the body. 

Uses Of CBD Oil:

1) Acne: Acne vulgaris, the most common form of acne, is caused by inflammation. Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory abilities, researchers conducted this study that revealed CBD to be a promising acne treatment.

2) Alzheimer’s: This groundbreaking study suggested CBD has the ability to prevent mice with Alzheimer’s disease from developing deficits in recognition, showing CBD to be a potentially effective preventative treatment for Alzheimer’s.

3) Anxiety: The results of this study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, suggest the use of CBD reduces anxiety. Another study published by Neurotherapeutics suggests that CBD can minimize anxiety in individuals suffering from a wide-variety of disorders, including PTSD, OCD, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety.

4) Cancer: The results of this scientific study revealed that CBD has a significant positive effect on preventing tumors caused by different types of cancers from spreading.

5) Diabetes: Type-1 diabetes is caused by the immune system attacking the pancreas, resulting in inflammation. Because CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, it makes sense that this scientific study demonstrated CBD’s potential as a treatment for type-1 diabetes due to its ability to decrease inflammation.

6) Depression: This study showed CBD to have antidepressant effects in mice.

7) Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): This research showed CBD to have the ability to reduce the digestive system inflammation that causes IBS.

8) Pain Relief: Researchers revealed that CBD could be an effective method of pain suppression in this peer-reviewed article published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

9) Seizures: Following a multitude of research that has demonstrated CBD’s potential in treating Epilepsy, the FDA approved CBD as a treatment for two epileptic seizure conditions, making it legal for doctors in the U.S. to prescribe CBD to treat these conditions.

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