Is CBD Oil Legal in Poland?

by in International Law October 1, 2019

CBD is a very popular substance, one now used by millions. The compound has become wildly popular, and as a result, its economic potential has expanded dramatically. CBD is expected to generate around $20 billion by 2024. Why has it become so popular? Countless anecdotal reports, and some scientific evidence, have indicated that CBD has can help people address an array of physical and emotional challenges.

Many countries have changed their laws pertaining to CBD, noting that the compound is not marijuana and should be regulated as such. Some countries have continued to prohibit the substance, and in other places, a legal gray area exists. An interesting example is Poland, which has never specifically banned the use of CBD. As such, it has always been assumed to be legal.

Is CBD Oil Allowed in Poland?

Yes, CBD Oil is legal in Poland. According to multiple sources, CBD had never been explicitly made illegal. Indeed, one of the things which makes Poland somewhat remarkable among other nations is that Poland had always had a more liberal attitude when it comes to cannabis related growth and processing. Hemp had been grown in Poland for hundreds of years, and its cultivation is still legal today, as long as the hemp contains less than .2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical agent in marijuana commonly associated with intoxication).

However, despite its liberal laws, it’s worth noting that Poland does not seem to have an understandable regulatory scheme when it comes to CBD.

Other Marijuana Regulation in Poland

Use of marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal in Poland. However, first-time offenses have a degree of decriminalization, as Polish prosecutors may choose to drop charges if the amount of marijuana seized is below an undetermined threshold and believed to be used for personal purposes.

Medical Cannabis in Poland

Medical cannabis has been legal in Poland since July 2017. However, it took some time for the market to get up and running and for the necessary regulations to take effect. In October 2018, Poland’s Ministry of Health gave Aurora Deutschland GmbH, a private company, the necessary approvals to allow the business to supply medical marijuana. This was the first time that a private business had been granted such approvals. It wasn’t until January 2019 that marijuana could be prescribed and was made available in pharmacies – before then, patients had to import marijuana from other countries.

Poland’s medical marijuana law was different than many other countries in that it didn’t have a set, limited list of conditions for which patients could use medical marijuana. This has led to concerns that the drug will be abused.

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