Is CBD Oil Legal In Paraguay?

by in International Law October 1, 2019
CBD Oil In Paraguay

At this point, there’s no doubt about it: CBD is everywhere. The substance has become wildly popular in the past few years, and the revenue projections bear that statement out: The chemical is estimated to generate $1 billion by 2020 and then grow to $20 billion by 2024. Why has CBD become so popular? Some scientific evidence and millions of users indicate that CBD might be very helpful for dealing with a variety of physical and emotional problems.

The legal understanding of CBD has evolved as well, and many governments across the world have come to the realization that the substance is not marijuana. While they are related (both come from the cannabis plant), CBD lacks the same THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical in marijuana associated with intoxication) concentrations as marijuana, thus ensuring that it is impossible to get high from the substance. As a result, many governments have changed their laws and allowed for CBD to be processed and sold.

One such country is Paraguay.

Is CBD Oil Allowed in Paraguay?

Yes, CBD is legal in Paraguay; however, CBD is only legal for medical purposes and cannot be purchased commercially.

The change occurred with legislation that passed in 2017. Specifically, the law addressed multiple areas of medical marijuana and CBD production. It established a procedure by which patients can be registered for marijuana and receive it free of cost. It also allowed for the processing and manufacturing of marijuana in Paraguay (the first private business to be awarded a license to produce medical CBD in the country was given out in January 2018). However, while industrial growing was legalized, home growing was not.

The law was expected to allow medical marijuana patients to save a significant amount of money; previously, laws had allowed for medical marijuana to be imported, but usually costing $300 a bottle.

Medical-grade CBD can be prescribed by any Doctor, and for any condition which they believe it can help to improve. The CBD Oil being prescribed typically comes from hemp and contains less than .3% THC.

Other Cannabis Laws in Paraguay

Recreational marijuana is illegal in the country. However, Paraguay’s soil is well suited for the growth of cannabis, and despite legal prohibitions, the country serves as a major growth hot-spot for cannabis, and is the main source of cannabis for a variety of neighboring countries.

Cannabis growth in Paraguay

As a result of Paraguay’s ideal soil conditions, the same laws which legalized medical marijuana also allowed for the country to produce and export marijuana to the rest of the world. As such, Paraguay would have the opportunity to use the growth of medical marijuana to generate jobs and tax revenue.

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