Is CBD Oil Legal in Pakistan?

by in International Law October 1, 2019

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country in South Asia. Sharing a coastline with the Arabian Sea and bordered by Afghanistan to the west, Pakistan has suffered from complex social and political problems that only serve to worsen issues with international drug trade, use, and drug related violence in the territory.

Is CBD Oil Allowed in Pakistan?

Under the Control of Narcotics Substance Act of 1997, it is illegal to produce, manufacture, extract, prepare, possess or distribute cannabis in Pakistan. Only after acquiring a permit for federal use can growers cultivate cannabis or its derivatives for medical, scientific, or industrial purposes. Cannabis growers acting without permits may be imprisoned for a minimum of seven years, acquire extensive fines, or accrue several types of punishment.

Despite these regulations, cannabis and hemp are both widely used in Pakistan. Locals often publicly smoke hash without fear of repercussion by legal institutions and many small time family growers rely on the crop to help make ends meet. According to a 2013 report, over 6.4 million residents in Pakistan consume either cannabis or hemp.

Currently, the Pakistani government has not put out any statement regarding the legal status of CBD treatments in the region. However, it is unlikely that officials will distinguish between industrial hemp products like CBD and higher THC compounds like marijuana and/or hash when indicting travelers. When in doubt, people who use CBD for medical reasons and are planning on travel to Pakistan should contact their respective embassy or consulate to determine the legality of their treatment. Although enforcement on individuals is lax, law enforcers might not go easy on travelers who don’t understand local expectations regarding drug use.

What are the Benefits of Regular CBD Oil Use?

Many researchers claim to have demonstrated that CBD oil use could positively impact many users’ mental, emotional, and physical well being. Over the past few years, increasing publication of research and media reports have caused CBD to be rapidly adopted by the public. Now, over sixty four million North Americans have tried CBD at least once, and many of them report sustainable health benefits from consistent use. According to many, CBD could help improve conditions that range from:

  • Insomnia
  • Poor appetite
  • Glaucoma
  • Restless Leg Syndrome and muscle spasms
  • Chronic pain caused by worsening inflammation in the body, including arthritis, sciatica, localized joint and nerve pain
  • Anxiety, depression, sociability issues, and PTSD
  • Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
  • Severe nausea and cachexia, which refers to the degradation of the body over time due to extended periods of illness

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