Is CBD Oil Legal In Montenegro?

by in International Law October 1, 2019

CBD seems to be everywhere these days. The rapidly rising popularity of the substance has resulted in huge business opportunities, and CBD is now estimated to generate $20 billion by 2024. This has occurred because millions of users, a slew of anecdotal reports and some scientific studies claim that CBD can be helpful in addressing numerous physical and mental challenges.

This rise has occurred because governments have realized that CBD and THC are not the same. This dawning realization has led to a slew of legal changes which allow for CBD to be regulated in a different manner than THC.

However, some countries have been slower to make that change. One example of that is Montenegro, which is located in the Balkans.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Montenegro?

No, CBD oil is not legal in Montenegro. The country strictly bans all forms of cannabis, including CBD. Punishment for possession of CBD can potentially be serious.

Medical Marijuana In Montenegro

Medical marijuana has not been legalized in Montenegro. However, the country’s Parliament did conduct a formal study on the subject, which analyzed the medical marijuana laws of 27 European countries in Europe. The report, first compiled in 2016, could serve as a starting point, should the country choose to legalize medical marijuana at a later date. That report is now out of date, as numerous countries in Europe have since changed their medical marijuana laws, and further change is likely on the horizon.

Hemp In Montenegro

Hemp cultivation is legal in the country, allowing for up to .2% THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical compound in cannabis associated with marijuana intoxication).

Other Drug Laws And Punishment

All forms of marijuana and any other drug is illegal in Montenegro. Unfortunately, that hasn’t prohibited the country from serving as a veritable drug “conduit” through which drugs flow to the rest of the Balkans.

Drug laws in the country are serious: Anyone found possessing an illegal substance could face jail time of between 2-10 years. Furthermore, the laws do not change for repeat offenders or based on the substance possessed – as a result, someone found in possession of a small amount of marijuana can face a substantial jail time.

Since some forms of CBD contain THC, possession of the drug can present a serious legal hazard to individuals who live in or travel to Montenegro. The law does not differentiate between types of drugs, which means that, under the law, CBD has the potential to be treated with the same severity as cocaine.

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