Is CBD Oil Legal In Malta?

by in International Law October 1, 2019

These days, it seems as if CBD is everywhere. Countless users and numerous scientific studies claim to have found that CBD can allegedly be very helpful at dealing with a variety of problems, both physical and emotional. As a result of its popularity, revenue estimates for CBD are through the roof. According to recent estimates, CBD is expected to generate $20 billion by 2024.

The surge in consumer demand for CBD has coincided with a change in attitudes by various countries around the world: They have realized the substance is not marijuana, and as such, should be treated differently. One such place where that has occurred is the country of Malta, where laws regarding CBD have recently been loosened.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Malta?

CBD in Malta is only legal for medical purposes – however, it seems as if many in the country are ignoring that distinction.

Medical cannabis is legal in Malta. That occurred in March of 2018. Specifically, the law allows for doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients once an application for marijuana use has been approved by Malta’s Superintendent of Public Health. When first enacted, only three conditions were eligible for marijuana prescriptions: Chronic pain, treatment of chemotherapy side effects and spasticity in multiple sclerosis. These conditions are very similar to other countries in Europe which allow for limited medical marijuana use.

Malta has tried to position itself as a worldwide leader in the medical marijuana industry, thanks in part to the strong support of Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat. As such, Malta has actively recruited medical marijuana firms to the country. It has also established a Medical Cannabis summit, which will be held on the island in November 2019.

This positioning has obviously come with efforts to encourage companies to produce medical marijuana; as of February 2019, ten such applications had been approved.

Despite its efforts to encourage the growth of the medical marijuana industry, use of CBD for personal reasons remains illegal. However, that hasn’t stopped many from purchasing CBD, even without a prescription. Indeed, a brief Google Search reveals numerous stores by which Malta citizens can purchase CBD, and clicking on the top results allows for Malta residents to purchase CBD without having to provide any proof of prescription. Numerous searches have revealed no high-profile arrests of CBD possession, nor is their any information about imported CBD being removed from the country.

Other Drug Laws In Malta

Other drug use in Malta is illegal. However, starting in 2015, cannabis possession was decriminalized. First-time arrests for cannabis possession results in a small fine (between €50 and €100) and multiple arrests will result in rehabilitation conditions being set against the individual in question. Criminal charges would only be brought up against individuals who violate those rehabilitation conditions.I

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