Is CBD Oil Legal In Liechtenstein?

by in International Law September 30, 2019

CBD is one of the more wildly popular substances these days, and this is for many reasons. Some scientific evidence, countless anecdotal stories and millions of users claim to have found a physical and mental benefit from the substance. As a result of the sudden upswing in the use of the substance, the money generated by this industry has dramatically increased, with revenue estimates estimating that CBD will generate $20 billion by 2024.

As a result of this increasing popularity, governments across the world have changed the way which cannabidiol is regulated, having come to the realization that CBD is a different substance than THC.

Some countries, however, have not made that change. One such example if Liechtenstein, a small country of just 37,000 people in Europe. This lack of change comes despite the potential business and economic opportunities of the compound.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Liechtenstein?

No. CBD Oil is illegal in Liechtenstein. No substance with THC may be legally purchased or consumed within Liechtenstein – this includes CBD oil. This comes despite the fact that surveys have indicated that 8.6% of people who live in Liechtenstein have used marijuana within the past year.

Other Cannabis Products In Liechtenstein

Medical Marijuana is also not legal in Liechtenstein, making it somewhat of a rarity in western Europe, as most of the rest of the continent has legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.

As you can imagine, given their stance on CBD, recreational and medical marijuana, no other drug is legal in Liechtenstein. However, that hasn’t stopped other business opportunities related to cannabis from blooming in the small country. An August 2019 story noted that businessman Josef Goop was working with a variety of companies to explore medical marijuana and produce hemp in the country. His company and its team are rapidly expanding, creating the potential for Liechtenstein to become a major hub in the area of medical marijuana research. However, hemp growth and CBD processing is still illegal in Liechtenstein; as such, the country would need to change its laws in order to fully realize Goop’s vision.

Liechtenstein’s Unique Characteristics

Understanding Lichtenstein helps to understand why its laws remain more conservative than that of many of its neighbors. The country is very small – the 6th smallest country in the world, 3rd smallest in Europe – and, extremely wealthy. As a result of their size and wealth, Lichtenstein’s residents often have the means to leave the country and acquire any drug – legal or illegal – which they need. It’s customs and monetary union with Switzerland – a place with much more liberal marijuana and CBD laws – also helps to ensure that it’s residents can acquire CBD or medical marijuana if necessary.

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