Is CBD Oil Legal In Libya?

by in International Law September 30, 2019
CBD Oil In Libya

Situated in the Maghreb region, Libya is a nation bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and Egypt to the east. At number ten on the list of proven reserves, Libya boasts access to many of the world’s most prolific oil and gas fields.

After the fall of Moammar Gadhafi in the coup of 2011, drug use and smuggling has seen a precipitous increase in the past few years. Authorities feel powerless to stop the rampant drug crime that permeates city centers; it’s not uncommon for discarded syringes to litter the streets or for the smell of hashish to waft through Gadhafi’s former compound.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Libya?

For the most part, cannabis, hemp, and narcotic substances flow from the country’s northern and southern neighbors, Chad and Niger. It is exceedingly difficult for Libya’s security forces to muster a coherent border enforcement policy. Often, public officials are overburdened, understaffed and efforts to stop the flow of illegal drugs are uncoordinated and disorganized. The country relies on under-trained militia members to effectively seize smuggled narcotics, whose efforts are generally unsuccessful.

Not only is Libya a transshipment route – now, the country constitutes a major piece of the African drug market in and of itself. The majority of the population is under thirty and lacks economic security and suffer from a multitude of other social ills as well. Increasingly, Libyans are turning to drugs to escape their problems. Police claim that 80 percent of all crime in Libya is drug related.

Currently, Libya has yet to differentiate between cannabis and non psychoactive, non addictive hemp compounds. Although some of the countries neighbors have started legalizing hemp, it will be a while until Libya is politically stable enough re-evaluate drug law, according to some political experts.

For now, consumers should be cautious about bringing their treatments into Libya, as the country is unfriendly towards hemp, even for medical purposes. Although it is unlikely users will be stopped by customs at the border, users should still weigh the risks of importing CBD to their personal livelihood.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular CBD Use?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the active compounds found in strains of hemp. The benefits of CBD are no secret to governments or institutions, either: the World Health Organization recently stated that CBD was both non-addictive and non-psychoactive and doesn’t carry any appreciable risk of toxicity. Researchers state that CBD could potentially help conditions that include:

  • Insomnia and poor appetite
  • Severe nausea and cachexia
  • Glaucoma
  • Muscle spasms and Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Social anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Vasoconstriction, one of the precursors to heart disease
  • Inflammatory pain conditions, such as arthritis, sciatica, nerve and general joint pain

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