Is CBD Oil Legal in Jamaica?

by in International Law September 30, 2019

Situated in the Caribbean sea, Jamaica is arguably the area’s most iconic destination and it has endured a long history of Spanish rule and governmental upheaval over the past four hundred years. Globally, the small island has come to be known for its large cannabis and hemp culture.

Hemp was introduced to the country in the mid nineteenth century by Indian indentured servants imported to perform work. After a long day of plantation labor, Indian workers would tend to health issues by consuming hemp grown in family plots. At the onset of the first World War, hemp was officially outlawed under the Ganja Law that was supported by white elites and Evangelical churches. In 2015, the Jamaican government reduced the penalty of cannabis possession to a petty offense with a minimal fine.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Jamaica?

Now, consumers can carry up to 56.6 grams without incurring a criminal record, cultivation of five or fewer plants is legal, and practitioners of the Rastafari faith may use it for religious purposes. However, the country will continue to prosecute drug traffickers in order to inhibit the flow of cannabis to international ports.

CBD oil is incredibly easy for consumers to obtain on the island. Many vendors market THC free CBD treatments in local markets, cafes, restaurants, and retailers. CBD is not considered an illicit drug because it doesn’t contain enough of the psychoactive compound to get users high. Many residents use CBD oil to treat persistent health conditions related to pain, neurological disorders, and skin conditions.

Some health issues have argued against the current system, stating that there are not enough regulatory health policies to keep untested or unsafe products off of the market. Running unchecked, some malicious vendors cut their products with inedible ingredients purely to boost sales volume. Many recommend that residents purchase CBD through reliable online vendors.

Consumers traveling to Jamaica should be careful not to illegally import any amount of THC onto the island. Even carrying CBD through the airport could be considered a minor drug trafficking crime, which could incur harsher penalties than mere consumption. Users should stick to CBD Isolate products when traveling abroad, which contain absolutely no THC content.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular CBD Use?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is derived from the hemp plant and specifically extracted from the resin of the hemp flower. It is possible but not proven that CBD may help many conditions that include:

  • Mood disorders, such as depression and generalized anxiety
  • Inflammatory pain conditions
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Epilepsy
  • Cluster migraines
  • Severe nausea and cachexia
  • Insomnia
  • Poor appetite regulation

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