Is CBD Oil Legal In Guinea?

by in International Law September 30, 2019

The Republic of Guinea, also known as just Guinea, is a West African country that borders the coast. Sometimes, the country is referred to as ‘Guinea-Conakry’ to distinguish it from the other regional African Guinea countries.

As a predominantly conservative country, Guinea boasts very restrictive drug laws in order to deter the rampant problems of drug trafficking, violence, and widespread drug abuse.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Guinea?

Ever since the era of decolonization, Guinea has become one of most major drug trafficking hubs in the eponymous Guinea region and the rest of Western Africa. The Guinean anti-narcotics bureau (OCAD) stated that the twenty-first century has witnessed some of the highest levels of military and police corruption, which drives the complete disappearance of personnel and equipment necessary to allow OCAD to crack down on drug trafficking.

Like other West African countries, high THC marijuana strains are the most commonly trafficked drug since they incur the smallest penalty in comparison to addictive narcotics. Despite the country’s problem with drug smuggling, Guinea has incredibly harsh drug and trafficking laws: it’s not uncommon for the death penalty to be the punishment for carrying a moderate amount of THC across the border.

The country has continued to restrict drug law and more consistently apply penalties to offenders ever since most traffickers had switched from marketing in Guinea-Bissau to Guinea itself. Though only 1,000 kg of drugs were seized in 2007, over 8000 kg were seized in the next year as the drug industry started shifting down the West African coast.

Travelers should be exceedingly cautious about importing or carrying CBD supplements into the country. Though many locals use THC compounds regularly, the punishment for minor “trafficking offenses” can be much more severe. When in doubt, tourists should contact their respective Guinean embassy or consulate to inquire about the legality of their product.

Experts recommend that consumers stick to CBD Isolate products, which contain only one active strain of cannabinoid and have absolutely no THC concentration. Consumers should also make sure their supplement is labelled properly and produced from industrially certified hemp.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular CBD Oil Use?

Over the past ten years, numerous studies have popped up regarding CBD treatments’ ability to ease mental, physical, and emotional issues in users. Slowly, the treatment has started to gain widespread public and legal acceptance as communities realize the benefit of a non-addictive, non-psychoactive, natural medicine. CBD has been demonstrated to help with a wide array of conditions, including:

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