Is CBD Oil Legal In Guinea-Bissau?

by in International Law September 30, 2019

Guinea-Bissau, officially the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, is a very small country in West Africa that was colonized by the Portuguese. Several years back, American media classified the country as Africa’s first “narco state”. Unlike other African countries, Guinea-Bissau openly publishes most of its statistics concerning drug crime, trafficking, and drug related violence. The Global Initiative Against Transnational Crime has dubbed the small state a “barometer of the wider developments in West African political economy”.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Guinea-Bissau?

Ever since Guinea-Bissau won its independence from Portugal in 1974, the country has struggled with a vacuum of positive and effective leadership. Over the past two decades alone, Guinea-Bissau has seen the assassinations of sitting presidents, three coups, and a civil war.

The country has been unable to keep a consistent and evenly applied judicial framework for decades. Due to the region’s instability, individual drug users and global crime syndicates openly trade narcotics and high THC compounds without the purview of the law.

Currently, it is unclear whether or not CBD without any THC content is technically legal in Guinea-Bissau. However, some communities in the country undergo stricter regulation as compared to other regions. Although many individuals openly use THC in public restaurants, cafes, and shops, this does not mean that they are immune from legal repercussions.

Travelers with CBD in their suitcase should take extra precaution not to act illegally, as minor drug trafficking crimes are punished more severely than possession domestically. When in doubt, tourists should make sure to keep their products properly labelled and make sure that their CBD contains absolutely no THC content.

Some travelers have been arrested in the country without any notification to their respective embassies. Prison conditions are overcrowded and, sometimes, inmates get lost in the system after periods of political instability. Until the country takes a more solid stance on the global liberalization of hemp products, users should be wary about consuming or selling CBD in the region.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular CBD Use?

Ever since researchers have started studying the benefits of CBD, the treatment has slowly yet surely started gathering mainstream global acceptance from general consumers. Researchers believe that CBD could potentially be very helpful for supporting users’ mental, physical, and emotional well being. CBD may be helpful for a wide array of persistent conditions, including:

  • Epilepsy
  • Cachexia, muscular atrophy, and severe nausea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and general mood disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Vasoconstriction, which is one of the primary precursors to heart disease
  • Cluster migraines

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