Is CBD Oil Legal in Florida?

by in US Law September 26, 2019
CBD Oil In Florida

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Legal At National Level

After the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the legal position of CBD products has become confusing and contentious for those who rely on the supplement to deal with persistent medical problems. Although the act clarified the federal government’s stance on hemp, states, local groups, and national organizations have fought to determine the legal limits of hemp use ever since.

Federally, hemp has been declassified from a controlled Schedule I substance to an agricultural commodity, meaning that extracts can be bought, sold, possessed, and distributed all across the nation. Industrially certified legal hemp is defined as any natural plant high in cannabinoids with a low THC content of strictly no more than 0.3 percent.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Florida?

In late June of 2019, Governor Ron De Santis signed legislation late on a Tuesday evening that finally legalized hemp farming and sales in the state of Florida. The bill is a landmark act for the state, which traditionally has been against decriminalizing hemp products and took a hard stance on drug use.

Florida’s lawmakers, however, see it as a natural and necessary extension of federal regulation on the matter. By having the CBD market become legal yet controlled, the industry can’t be pushed underground towards unrestricted, malicious actors just looking to make a profit.

Nikki Fried, Florida’s agricultural commissioner, was a huge proponent behind the bill. She stated, “Florida has the potential to become the gold standard on hemp. Our agricultural heritage, climate resources, and infrastructure will make Florida a national leader in the new economy.”

Currently, different state level health organizations are meeting to determine the legality of edible CBD products, labeling standards, crop testing, and grower certification guidelines. While CBD was completely legal in Florida before the Hemp Farming bill, now the state will have much more oversight over the burgeoning industry.

Interested consumers can find CBD products all over the state in health stores, specialty shops, giant retailers, and restaurants. While some residents have expressed suspicion over the new policy, others are breathing a sigh of relief that CBD products will become even more safe for the general consumer.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

Hemp extracted CBD has provided many Floridians a better quality of life. Under the new bill, many researchers expect there will be widespread effects such as:

  • Huge tax revenue generated from excise fees on CBD products, allowing for better education and research funding
  • Boosted agricultural economy that will sustain the United States’ position as the biggest CBD market in the world
  • Potential decreases in opiate abuse

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