Is CBD Oil Legal In Eritrea?

by in International Law September 30, 2019
CBD Oil in Eritrea

Eritrea is a country nestled directly above the horn of Africa, bordered by the Sudan to the west and Ethiopia to the south. The country features an extensive coastline along the Red Sea and deals with major drug trafficking problems.

While high THC compounds are illegal in the country, Ethiopian agriculturalists are highly dependent on cannabis crops to survive. Rampant police corruption and poverty have led to a situation wherein marijuana possession results in bribes to officials and heavy fines. Unfortunately, the country is completely ill-equipped to handle its widespread drug crime and trafficking issues.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Eritrea?

Although the country takes a hard stance on drug traffickers, individual consumption of high THC compounds is common and regularly goes unnoticed. In some communities, it’s common to see residents smoking in cafes and restaurants. Due to extreme instability and economic upheaval, there are almost no statistics on marijuana related arrests or sentences.

Currently, the Eritrean government hasn’t made any statements concerning the legal standing of hemp extracted CBD products. Some officials believe it would be helpful to fully decriminalize CBD use because hemp has, traditionally, played a large role in local health traditions.

Travelers should be wary about bringing any potentially illegal substance into Eritrea. The area is generally unsafe for tourists to begin with. In fact, there have been cases where arrested tourists don’t have their embassies or families informed. If a user must import CBD for medical reasons, they should carry a doctors note and stick purely to CBD Isolate products, which contain absolutely no THC.

Eritrea does not publish the statistics of marijuana seizures around the country. Most marijuana is grown and locally provided, not imported. Insiders have stated that marijuana seizure every year is at a consistently low rate: in 2006, only an estimated 7.25 kilograms of marijuana was confiscated. Most residents grow marijuana in local communities and in very small plots for family use only.

It’s up to the consumer whether or not they want to take the risk to import CBD into the country. The safest and most reputable CBD sources can be found online. Over the internet, vendors adhere more strictly to safety regulations in order to operate legally in as many regions as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil Use?

Researchers claim to have linked CBD use to a wide array of benefits for consumers. Many report that regular CBD use helps them sustain their physical, emotional, and mental well being. CBD oil, a highly concentrated form of the treatment, may be helpful for conditions that include:

  • Severe nausea and cachexia
  • Pain conditions such as arthritis and sciatica
  • Depression, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Some forms of cancer
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Appetite and sleep regulationI

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