Is CBD Oil Legal In Egypt?

by in International Law September 30, 2019

CBD Oil Contains No THC

Mostafa Soliman, a tourist from the United States, was jailed as a drug trafficker in Egypt for importing a shipment of hemp oil into the country in 2011. The hemp contained no traces of THC, the psychoactive compound that is still considered illegal in Egypt.

Shockingly, prosecutors pushed for the death penalty, which sent waves of anger throughout the country. Soliman was later freed when mobs of protesters overran prisons across Cairo; however, consumers and entrepreneurs have not forgotten the incredibly harsh legal action taken towards him. Even now, Soliman is unable to leave Egypt because the US Embassy will not grant him a new passport.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Egypt?

According to the International Harm Reduction Association, Egypt is one out of 32 countries total that still have laws mandating the death penalty for drug offenses. Soliman believes that his lengthy conviction occurred because there is no word that distinguishes “hemp” from “hash” in the Arabic language. Whether it’s high THC or low THC content, many legal officials cannot differentiate between the two compounds.

Despite a rich and lurid history of CBD use dating back thousands of years, Egypt has only tightened their drug restriction over time. Officials’ efforts are not focused on individual drug users, but those who import illicit substances into the country.

In fact, many residents in Egypt regularly smoke hash in cafes and restaurants with no fear of legal repercussions. The government is more dedicated to stopping widespread drug imports than policing on the local level. Locals’ long association with hemp makes it nearly impossible for officials to uproot the deeply nested, culturally influenced behavior.

According to locals, even though the penalties for hemp use are severe on the books, enforcement is lacking in most areas of Egypt. Users who bring CBD products out into public face the risk of years of imprisonment. Experts recommend that users do not import CBD substances and, if they must use it for medical reasons, they should carry around a doctor’s note at all times and stick to CBD Isolate products.

Even with lax enforcement, there’s no guarantee that officials will take the prescription seriously. Culturally, there is no distinction between hemp and addictive, psychotropic drugs. Egypt’s enforcement of laws can be incredibly inconsistent when it comes to drug trafficking, consumption, and production of hemp.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the most concentrated types of cannabinoid treatments that are available on the market now. Oils are comprised of CBD and sometimes peppermint or cinnamon oils to boost the anti-inflammatory effects of hemp ingestion. Many users report a wide range of benefits from regularly using CBD, including:

  • Better sleep quality, less frequent night time wake-ups
  • Less severe seizure disorder symptoms
  • Improved cachexia and nausea
  • Reduced vasoconstriction, meaning that CBD use could improve heart health
  • Improved depression, anxiety, and PTSD

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