Is CBD Oil Legal in East Timor (Timor-Leste)?

by in International Law September 30, 2019
CBD Oil In East Timor

East Timor Might Have Strict Laws On CBD Oil

East Timor, officially known as Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, is a Maritime country in Southeast Asia. Marked by a lush and diverse climate, East Timor has instituted harsh drug restrictions but has poorly enforced legal action on drug related crime.

Although THC compounds are illegal, a 2012 assessment undertaken by the UN Population Fund noted that marijuana with high THC concentrations was very easy for general consumers to access in East Timor. Most cannabis was not grown on the island but was likely smuggled in from Indonesia.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In East Timor (Timor-Leste)?

The Indonesian-Timorese is highly subject to drug trafficking due to the country’s multiple entry points, unmonitored jungle roads, and chronic lack of police equipment. The rare traffickers who are charged with legal penalties often don’t face punishment for months, as the Timorese judicial branch is consistently slogging through a permanent case backlog.

It’s not unheard of for foreign travelers to be arrested on consumption or possession cases concerning cannabis. In 2017, an Australian man visiting family was charged with 10 years for trafficking and 4 for consumption under the country’s new drug laws. Many thought the punishment was extreme because he was only carrying a very minimal amount of high THC hemp. In the Timorese legal system, inconsistencies and unfairness reign.

Only time will tell if the island state decides to shift its drug policy to reflect a greater concern for public health rather than criminal punishment. Experts suggest that legalizing hemp could provide societal and economic benefits to East Timor, effectively reducing crime, decreasing addiction rates, and providing a much needed economic boost to the small country.

CBD users should be careful about importing their health treatments into the country from external sources. Medical patients should carry a doctor’s certification with them at all times in order to avoid unfair arrest. Even then, there is no guarantee that authorities will be able to effectively differentiate between illicit THC substances and CBD health treatments.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular CBD Use?

Studies claim to have linked CBD use to sustainable benefits on users’ mental, emotional, and physical wellness. In a large scale, longitudinal study, research has purported that over 80 percent of users who’ve tried CBD at least once reported a moderate to substantial decrease in pain symptoms. CBD may be helpful for a large number of conditions, including:

  • Muscle spasms and Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Anxiety, depression, and lack of sociability
  • Cancer related symptoms, such as nausea, physical discomfort, and cachexia
  • Skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema
  • Neurological disorders like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s
  • Poor heart health
  • Insomnia and lack of appetite

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