Is CBD Oil Legal In Cuba?

by in International Law September 30, 2019

In 2018, Cuba seized over 2,438 kilos of drugs, most of which were highly concentrated THC compounds, which were being trafficked across the island on route to Europe. One news report stated that 77 percent of the high THC strains coming into Cuba were from bales drifting through the sea.

Domestic and foreign criminal organizations operate to bring drugs onto the islands. Government and health officials are incredibly wary about anything reminiscent to the drug trafficking problem and, in recent years, have tightened regulation concerning health supplements.

Is CBD Oil Allowed In Cuba?

Cuba sponsors many organizations in order to combat the transport of illicit substances across the country. The Ministry of the Interior and Revolutionary Armed Forces act in close coordination with other state actors and social groups to increase deterrence of drug trafficking.

Although the country does not publish official crime statistics, crime reports are on the rise while police intervention is continually decreasing over the years. Officials believe that increasing worldwide legalization of THC and hemp is a detriment to Cuba’s drug policies and encourages more crime.

Health experts, on the other hand, believe it’s only a matter of time before Cuba allows for the full legal purchase, sale, and trade of hemp products like CBD. It would be exceedingly difficult for the island state to enact trade restrictions on benign substances that are legal in most other countries. Additionally, former US territories began legalizing hemp in droves ever since the Farm Bill of 2018 declassified hemp as an illicit substance.

It’s not recommended for consumers to bring CBD supplements into Cuba while they are traveling. Customs can be very tight and thorough. Even with a doctor’s certification, there is a chance that legal officials will not be able to differentiate between non-intoxicating hemp extracts and controlled substances.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil?

CBD has been researched for its therapeutic role in sustainably supporting users’ mental and physical health. Regular users of CBD claim their regular CBD use has the effect of a “Positive Spiral”, where CBD decreases bodily inflammation, thereby lessening chronic pain and stress oxidation, which then boosts emotional well being. They also claim it has decreased depression and anxiety which further lower bodily inflammation, which in turn decreases pain from conditions such as arthritis. In short, CBD may propagate physical benefits which sustain and build on themselves over time.

Users report a range of benefits from regular CBD use, including:

  • Better sleep quality
  • Decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Improved ability to cope with chronic physical pain
  • Lessened chance of seizures and recurring migraines
  • Improved cachexia and severe nausea

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