Is CBD Oil Legal in Burundi?

by in International Law September 27, 2019

Hemp and CBD Oil

CBD oil is a highly concentrated form of the hemp extract dubbed cannabidiol and contains only trace amounts of THC, the psychotropic drug found in illegal substances. Before the seventies, hemp was a rich aspect of African history and was included in many local medicines.

One purveyor of hemp included the country of Burundi. The Republic of Burundi is a landlocked, small country where both East and Central Africa converge. Bordered by Rwanda to the North and Lake Tanganyika along the southwest, Burundi has suffered massive political upheavals, social strife, poverty, and genocide ever since decolonization.

While drug use of any kind is illegal in the country, Burundi lacks the infrastructure and organization to actually impose the law on most individual consumers. After the recent legalization of hemp in Zimbabwe in July of 2019, experts have recommended that the central country should jump into the African hemp industry.

Considering that 85 percent of the population is rural, hemp production could revitalize the soil eroded, deforested land and boost the economy. After the United States made a global push to outlaw hemp after World War II, hemp production shut down throughout Africa and the Eastern half of the world.

Is CBD Oil Allowed in Burundi?

Currently, there is very little codified drug law in the country of Burundi. The territory is marked by poor infrastructure and very slight enforcement, making it incredibly unlikely that individual consumers would be targeted with any legal repercussions.

The country is working with the United Nations and World Health Organization to help bolster their economy and justice framework. Jeunesse au Clair Medical (JCM), a Burundian non-profit organization, is leading the charge on harm-reduction interventions and advocating for legal policy which is “not restrictive over drug use”. According to the organization, the role of the government is to act as an educator on health substances like CBD rather than a strict regulator.

Ultimately, it is the user’s choice if they cross into Burundi with hemp extracts such as CBD. With the liberalizing attitudes sweeping through the Western world, and the slow deregulation trickling down from Northern Africa, only time will tell the country’s true position on CBD.

What are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

CBD oil has been studied for its ability to benefit users’ mental, physical, and emotional health through sustained use. Many users report that they are better able to lead active, full lives by introducing CBD oil into their health regiment. Some of the reported benefits include:

  • Effective treatment of cachexia, the wasting away of the body due to chronic illnesses like cancer
  • Sustainable pain management of conditions such as arthritis or nerve pain
  • Improved depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms
  • Better sleep quality
  • Increased productivity

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