Is CBD Legal in Washington?

by in US Law September 26, 2019

CBD Oil from Hemp: A Growing Business

In April of 2019, Governor Jay Inslee signed in a law that instituted a new industrial hemp growing program. In Washington, hemp is now officially declared a legal, agricultural activity in the state. Experts predict that this move will create more business and agricultural investment in the countryside.

Is CBD Allowed in Washington State?

Through the federal Farm Act in 2018, growing hemp was already legal in state. However, many consumers and entrepreneurs have been wary to start businesses due to the often conflicting legal patchwork concerning hemp in the United States.

Often, health, agricultural, and liquor departments threaten to fine companies selling edible CBD products. With the new law, any plant naturally high in cannabinoids and with less than 0.3 percent THC content is legal to grow, sell, distribute, and possess.

“Farms across the Pacific Northwest are making final planting decisions right now,” quipped one agriculturist about the issue. “The question is, does Washington want to be a part of that or not?”

Before the new law, farmers have complained that previous hemp pilot programs had too much restriction to make them a feasible route towards legal growing. The recent regulation has much fewer restrictions on growth cycles, parts of the hemp which are allowed to be sold, and types of industries that can use the grown product.

Fortunately, the law went into effect as soon as Gov. Inslee signed the bill, allowing farmers to easily obtain certifications and continue growing legal hemp.

Some health advocates, concerned over consumer safety, are worried that the new regulations will be too lax on the booming industry. Occasionally, hemp extract dealers cut their product with untested or inedible ingredients to boost volume. Many are wondering if there will be any follow-up legislation improving the labeling, crop testing, and materials requirements.

In Washington state, it is legal for any general consumers over the age of eighteen to buy, sell, and consume hemp derived CBD products from any vendor who sells it.

What are the Claimed Benefits of CBD?

Researchers have studied CBD products for their potentially positive role in impacting physical and mental health conditions. CBD works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a complex network that lives on the skin and inside the body to regulate everything from mood to appetite. Considering that the ECS is involved in nearly every aspect of health and wellness, it’s no wonder that CBD could have incredible impacts on its users. Some of the benefits that both experts and users cite include:

  • Increased ability to cope with chronic pain
  • Cognitive improvement and better performance on memory related tasks
  • More stable mood and increased capacity for daily joy
  • Better sleep quality, less frequent middle of the night wake ups
  • Less suffering due to inflammatory autoimmune conditions

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