Is CBD Legal in the District of Columbia?

by in US Law September 26, 2019

Since 2015, the demand for CBD products has climbed steadily in the United States as researchers started heaping praise upon the treatment. Advancements in CBD efficacy have only caused it to grow more popular, as people realize there are a diverse number of ways to effectively absorb it into the body.

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill Act, US residents have been wondering about the legality of CBD in their home state. Often, the FDA, specific Health Agencies, and watchdog organizations state completely contradictory opinions concerning CBD and whether it’s allowed to be bought, sold, consumed, and distributed.

CBD Oil: Clear Laws in the District of Columbia

Fortunately, the District of Columbia has very clear laws about CBD and, for the most part, adheres to federal law on the matter. CBD products can be acquired legally by any general consumer over the age of eighteen.

In the territory, the possession, use and sale of CBD products is allowed only if they’re extracted from industrially certified hemp. Industrial hemp is defined as any natural plant high in cannabinoids and containing strictly less than 0.3 percent THC content.

THC refers to the psychoactive ingredient found in some natural substances which have been deemed illegal. In contrast to THC, CBD “balances” psychotropic reactions, and is legally justified because it is non-addictive and has even been used to help former addicts with the withdrawal process.

In DC, a broader array of CBD products are available because certain types of THC products have been legal for recreational use since 2014. However, while CBD products with a high THC content are completely legal to possess, they are not yet open for retailers to sell. In order to secure higher THC Cannabidiol supplements, users can enroll in the state’s medical certification program.

Hemp extracted CBD, by contrast, is legal to farm, distribute, consume and sell in the territory. There are no restrictions on the types of forms that hemp extracts can be made into, whether they’re highly concentrated oils, tinctures, baked goods, dog treats, or lotion.

Benefits of CBD in DC

Many users report the positive effects of CBD on their physical and mental health. Researchers claim to have linked regular CBD use to a whole host of impacts:

  • Better sleep quality and easier time falling asleep at night
  • Improved mood and diet, decreased depression and anxiety
  • Less suffering from chronic pain caused by inflammation

For those who are curious, there are plenty of legal and safe ways to find CBD supplements in DC. Businesses have unfettered access to consumers and are able to meet the increasing demand due to lax regulation.

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