Is CBD Legal in Mississippi?

by in US Law September 26, 2019

CBD Oil Prompts Harper Grace’s Law

In 2014, Governor Phil Bryant passed House Bill 1231 , better known as “Harper Grace’s Law”. The act was named after Harper Grace Duval, a young girl who developed a very severe form of epilepsy.

“As a mother, you’ll go to the ends of the earth if you feel in your heart that something could possibly help her,” explained Harper’s mother, Ashley Duval, who sought to secure an effective treatment for her daughter.

The law provided a defense for patients with debilitating seizure disorders to possess and use CBD oil, resin, or edibles that contain at least 15 percent cannabidiol and no more than 0.5 percent THC content. Yet, even by 2019, Harper Duval still had a difficult time securing legal CBD.

Is CBD Allowed in Mississippi?

After the Farm Bill act in 2018, a legal gray area opened up in the state. Users were confused about whether or not CBD could be legally bought, sold, or distributed directly following the federal bill’s enactment.

Traditionally, Mississippi has had some of the harshest drug regulations in the United States. The state is home to some of the only remaining dry counties in the country, where the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

It’s still the case that the only legal protection for CBD users in the state is currently Harper Grace’s Law. Users which receive a doctor’s recommendation and medical certification can head to the University of Mississippi’s medical department to find legal, reputable CBD sources.

Most experts would agree that the general consumer should err on the side of caution. There’s no guarantee that all law enforcers will be understanding and merchandise seizure has resulted from vendors marketing cannabidiol products.

Additionally, the state is more likely to back up recent statements made by federal health agencies such as the FDA, which stated directly after the passage of the Farm Bill that CBD products were not yet legal in edible products.

Technically, CBD products are legal for consumers to use in the state of Mississippi because no CBD related legislation since the Harper Grace Bill has come out explicitly restricting the treatment. Federal law reigns, yet state health officials and government are still contending that CBD is not yet fully cleared for consumer use.

The best way that most users can secure effective, legal CBD is not through brick-and-mortar locations in the state, but through online vendors. Online, sellers adhere to stricter quality standards, publish the results of third party testing, and more accurately label their products’ ingredients.

Benefits of CBD in Mississippi

Many Mississippi residents claim to have eased their suffering through adopting regular use of CBD treatments. Fortunately, over 50 percent of the vote seems to be in favor of fully legalizing hemp extracts like CBD. As research goes mainstream, more are learning of the potential positive impacts of CBD use, including:

  • Better sleep quality and an easier time falling asleep at night
  • Decreased symptoms of anxiety and PTSD

Less pain from chronic conditions like arthritis, cluster headaches, and general joint pain

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