Is CBD Legal In Liberia?

by in International Law September 27, 2019

Liberia is a country on the West African Coast. Bordered by Sierra Leone to the northwest and the Ivory Coast to the east, Liberia has extensive access to neighboring export-based economies and the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1980, rising political tensions and low morale resulted in a military coup that marked the beginning of years of political instability. After several civil wars, national infrastructure, policing, and basic social services were severely affected. Now, over 83 percent of the population lives below the international poverty line. Economic hardship has resulted in rising drug trafficking, substance abuse, and the development of rooted crime syndicates all across the country.

Is CBD Allowed In Liberia?

Many researchers believe that hemp was introduced to Liberia only after the second World War, as there were no indigenous terms for it recorded before the forties. After its introduction, hemp and high THC compounds quickly grew popular as serviceman introduced to the substance abroad returned from North Africa and Asia. By 1950, the worldwide cocoa prices had declined so much that agriculturalists were turning to much more lucrative hemp crops.

Since the decades of civil war and insurrection, massive swathes of young people and former soldiers became reliant on substances such as marijuana. As police presence all but disappeared, many drug users felt free to use their substances in local markets or on the street. Some corrupt former officers would accept bribes to keep consumers out of trouble.

Liberia features the ideal growing climate for hemp and cultivation occurs all throughout the entire country. Many farmers have turned away from rice and cassava in favor of quick growing, hardy cannabis plants that require minimal upfront investment.

Now, police officials are attempting to more strictly enforce cannabis and hemp law as the dust has settled. Despite increasing judicial stability, hemp is widely and discreetly used all throughout the country from users of all social castes. 

Cannabidiol consumers traveling into the country should be wary about bringing CBD treatments, even if they contain absolutely no THC content. Currently, Liberia doesn’t distinguish between hemp extracts and more psychoactive compounds. 

What Are The Benefits Of Regular CBD Oil Use?

Researchers have studied CBD for its potential to positively impact users’ relationships to their own mental, physical, and emotional well being. CBD is derived from strains of hemp and is both non-addictive and non-psychoactive. According to many users, CBD could help with a wide array of conditions that include:

  • Cachexia and severe nausea
  • Restless Leg Syndrome and Muscle Spasms
  • Anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Insomnia
  • Poor appetite and fluctuating body weight
  • Vasoconstriction, one of the primary symptoms of heart disease

Chronic pain caused or worsened by inflammation, such as arthritis, joint pain, nerve pain, and sciatica

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