Is CBD Legal in Illinois?

by in US Law September 26, 2019

After the passage of the federal Farm Bill Act in 2018, states have been gearing up to pass their own local legislation to determine the limits on the legality of the sale, possession, and distribution of hemp extracts like CBD.

CBD, known as cannabidiol, is one of the over one hundred organic compounds found in strains of hemp. Unlike THC, the psychoactive component of some hemp, CBD has been demonstrated to be non-addictive and counterbalances psychoactive effects of THC. Until recently, CBD was determined to be a controlled Schedule I substance in the majority of states. When the national government determined that hemp was an agricultural commodity instead, mass confusion resulted in the new legal standing of CBD.

The Lowdown On Legality of CBD Oil in Illinois

Recently, the state of Illinois has been gearing up for the legalization of hemp. In August of 2018, Governor Bruce Rauner pushed along the Industrial Hemp Act. The Department of Agriculture stated that, currently, the legal process is still underway in getting the fledgling bill up and running in the state.

Experts state that Illinois is currently trying to meld its laws with federal law in order to make a more consistent and less burdensome solution. Up until this point, local CBD markets have been frustrated with the slow enactment of meaningful legislation in the state. The state has the natural climate and soil conditions to support extensive industrial hemp growth and could make a strong entrance into the rapidly expanding market.

The bill, which has yet to go into effect, would allow for agriculturalists to cultivate hemp and would also create guidelines for regular crop testing. Additionally, the bill allows for the manufacture of CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC content, adhering to federal policy concerning the psychotropic ingredient.

Currently, CBD oil for medical use which is high in THC is legal in the state as long as users procure a doctor’s recommendation through the medical program. Producing and selling hemp derived CBD is functionally legal. Many stores, cafes, retailers, and specialty shops openly sell CBD products.

Entrepreneurs feel confident marketing their products in Illinois because the state is lax on regulation. Consumers should make sure to find reputable vendors that carry labelled and third-party tested products. Since the new bill hasn’t yet gone into effect, there are currently no health and safety restrictions enforced on CBD edible products.

Benefits of CBD

Researchers claim to have linked regular CBD use to possible improved mental, emotional, and physical health. In Illinois alone, the market is expected to grow by three million by 2022. Users report that they saw improvements with conditions such as:

  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Chronic pain such arthritis, nerve pain, and frequent migraines
  • Poor sleep quality and appetite
  • Depression and anxiety

Ultimately, Illinois CBD fans can feel comfortable knowing that legislators, health officials, and law enforcement is on their side.

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