Is CBD Legal in Guam?

by in US Law September 25, 2019

Across Guam, thousands of islanders suffer from persistent pain conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or joint pain. Frankly, the health care system is ill-equipped to deal with the problems on the island. It’s a well known secret that Guam residents are over prescribed pain medications and over the counter drugs. After careful thought, many islanders have decided to turn away from the health care complex as a whole to pursue natural, less expensive remedies such as hemp-extracted CBD.

CBD Adopted Widely Across Guam

As research has started making progress, CBD has become more widely adopted in Guam by residents who prefer to manage their health conditions on their own. CBD has been recognized as an anti inflammatory. As almost every recognizable pain condition is caused by excess inflammation, it just makes sense that islanders would opt for a CBD.

Fortunately for many, CBD extracts such as oils, tinctures, and baked goods, are completely legal in Guam. The little supplement has swept through local cafes, restaurants, retailers, and organic markets. Even while some state actors claim CBD shouldn’t be legal for every consumer, the treatment has still managed to spread throughout the island.

The Farm Bill of 2018 decriminalized the sale, possession, and distribution of hemp extracts. The bill acted to declassify hemp as a controlled substance and, in turn, dubbed it an agricultural product. Before legal crackdowns started in the mid twentieth century, it’s been reported that CBD treatments were widely used throughout the island.

Although the substance is completely legal, some vendors have run into legal trouble by claiming their products are a “cure all” for any medical condition. There are still regulations of the type of marketing that can be done for CBD due to the Food and Drug Administration’s stance that it isn’t cleared for consumer ingestion.

Occasionally, banks will deny loans from businesses who market CBD openly. A fair number of CBD sellers have been harassed by law enforcement agencies or have had unplanned product raids. Officials want CBD products on the market to be completely clear of THC content, the psychoactive substance found in some hemp which is still classified a controlled Schedule I substance.

Despite these setbacks, most consumers and entrepreneurs are comfortable introducing CBD into the market. Relatively little restriction has been placed on those who sell, possess, or distribute CBD products in Guam.

Effects of CBD in Guam

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the many non-addictive compounds found in strains of industrially certified hemp. Experts state that the CBD market has opened up a new way for islanders to manage their own health conditions outside of the pharmaceutical industry. Some officials are hopeful that decreasing CBD regulation will result in less drug abuse and opiate overuse on the island. CBD could help lighten the burden on the flagging medical system in Guam.

Users report that using CBD has helped them with a myriad of conditions, improving the quality of life by:

  • Decreasing chronic pain caused by inflammation
  • Reducing vasoconstriction which is linked to heart disease
  • Improving mood, sleep quality, depression and anxiety

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