Is CBD Legal in California?

by in US Law September 25, 2019

After the passage of the Farm Act in 2014, and the updated agricultural legislation in 2018, the issue of CBD product’s legality has been contentious and often confusing for both consumers and businesses. Currently, many states are trying to clarify their relationship to hemp, which is now deemed an agricultural commodity rather than an illicit substance.

Legal CBD Oil and California House Bill AB-228

This July, California has made major moves towards creating a consolidated CBD and hemp extract market. Just a year previous, the California Department of Public Health released a memo concerning hemp. The memo posited that hemp derived CBD was illegal in all foods, beverages and other products such as lotions.

The department’s stance was based on a similar statement made by the Food and Drug Administration, which had reiterated that CBD was not approved for edible products and was still considered a controlled substance. Unlike other states, the Health Department has the authority to pull products it deems unsafe from store shelves.

Recently, House Bill AB-228 has been making its way through the legislature. The bill opens up the market for CBD use, sale, consumption and distribution in California. In short, the act would allow for CBD to be put in food or beverages as long as vendors met minimal labeling requirements. Additionally, hemp products would need to undergo lab testing before being open for general user consumption around the state.

Regardless of the squabbles between the Health Department, FDA, and state government, CBD is widely marketed all throughout California. Interested consumers have no trouble buying products from any specialty shop, local cafe, restaurant, or retailer that serves CBD.

Essentially, health agencies in the state have little power to consistently enforce a CBD policy. Businesses and consumers are not worried that they will face any legal repercussions such as financial penalties, product seizure, or jail time. More and more users are emboldened by the recent legislative support for AB-228, prompting them to feel optimistic about the future of CBD in the state.

Effects of Regular CBD Use

CBD is one of the active ingredients found in strains of hemp which is high in cannabinoids and low in THC content. Completely natural, the compound interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Researchers have demonstrated that CBD could have positive impacts on users’ mental and physical health, with effects such as:

  • Improved appetite and sleep quality due to CBD balancing the circadian rhythm
  • Reduced pain from autoimmune conditions
  • Decreased stress oxidation, promoting a more stable mood and less depression
  • Better cognition and increased performance on memory tests

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