Is CBD Legal In Armenia?

by in International Law September 27, 2019

Growing Awareness Of CBD Oil

Over the past decade, CBD has been making the rounds through the global health and wellness markets. As more research has piled up stating the benefits of CBD, the public has gotten more and more curious about what it can do for them.

Recently, the United States and Canada have changed their legal policies in order to declassify hemp, the source of CBD, as a controlled substance and instead dub it an agricultural commodity. Other countries have been following suit ever since.

Is CBD Allowed In Armenia?

Currently, high THC strains are illegal for all uses in Armenia. Some indigenous strains of hemp grow wildly in the area but, to a large degree, most of these blooms have been eradicated by state programs.

In 2019, there were rumors that more lax regulation concerning hemp was going to come out in the country, however the Ministry of Health of Armenia confirmed that there were no current plans.

The country’s lack of policy change is in large part due to increasing criminal drug use in the state. In the last fifteen years alone, the rates of drug abuse have risen eight to nine percent. Most commonly, users turn to opiate based products or high THC compounds. In response, the government initiated stricter regulations on pharmaceutical sales, resulting in a widespread ban of many over the counter and prescription drugs. Now, any cough syrup containing the common ingredient of codeine must have a doctor’s certification.

In short, widespread drug abuse has left a “bad taste” in the mouths of Health Ministers and government officials. Likely, there will be no concrete decision on the legal standing of CBD for several years, according to some experts.

Although there are concrete restrictions of high THC compounds, there are no explicit bans on low THC hemp extracts. However, vendors and entrepreneurs are unwilling to start businesses in the area deeming it too risky.

The best way for interested consumers to secure CBD is through purchasing it online. Over the internet, CBD tends to adhere to the strictest safety standards of food and dietary supplements worldwide. Users will find no shortage of products that are effective, reputable, and safe. Experts recommend that consumers only purchase from vendors that openly publish the results of third party testing. Additionally, CBD fans should only purchase products that are well labeled and produced through industrially certified hemp sources.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

Researchers in academic institutions across the world are racing to find the secret behind CBD’s reported efficacy in treating a myriad of mental, emotional, and physical health issues. Users claim that CBD has helped them a variety of conditions, including:

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