Is CBD Legal in Algeria?

by in International Law September 27, 2019

CBD, dubbed cannabidiol, is an organic compound found in cannabis. Over the past decade, nations worldwide have slowly been adapting to the idea that CBD is harmless and in fact is probably beneficial. Motivated by recent federal changes in the United States and Canada, more governments are realizing the potential economic and societal benefit of fully legalizing the possession, trade, and sale of CBD products.

Is CBD Allowed in Algeria?

In 1971, the government set up an executive commission dubbed the National Narcotics Commission, an inter-organizational group acting under the authority of the Minister for Public Health. The commission’s formation was due, in large part, to pressure from the United States which had instituted the War on Drugs a few years earlier.

The board’s purpose was to recommend strategies to fight against drug trafficking and cultivation in Algeria, as well as to ensure that drugs were only used for medical purposes in the most lenient cases. Part of the commission was dedicated to eradicating the sale, possession, and distribution of “Indian Hemp”.

Indian Hemp is a low THC, high cannabidiol strain of hemp. In fact, at most the strain contains 1 percent THC content. Before the Narcotics group’s decision, hemp was widely grown and distributed in Algeria, useful for manufacturing nutritious foods, breathable clothing, and composite industrial fabrics.

Since then, there has been very little discussion in the country concerning the current legality of hemp. Experts and legal officials say that it’s still up in the air, but that consumers should expect historic regulation still applies.

Algerian officials are wary of legalizing hemp because the country has traditionally been a major transit point for drugs headed to Europe and West Africa. The borders are poorly patrolled, making the illicit substance market profitable in the country.

Experts warn users to be careful about bringing potentially illicit substances into the country. Algeria may not tolerate any strain of hemp with any amount of THC content. If a consumer must travel into the country with CBD, they should carry a doctor’s certification or stick to just CBD Isolate products which contain absolutely no THC or other types of cannabinoids.

Consumers in Algeria can find a wide range of the most legal and effective CBD remedies online. Control by customs is very limited in the area.

What are the Benefits of CBD?

CBD has been studied for its role in positively benefiting users’ mental and physical health issues. Countries that legalize hemp have seen an influx of economic activity in the agricultural and health sectors. By 2025, the hemp industry is expected to grow to $6 billion in the United States alone.

Some of the reported benefits of regular CBD use include:

  • Analgesic effects (pain relieving) for chronic conditions
  • Decreased depression and anxiety symptoms
  • Easier to fall and stay asleep
  • Lessening vasoconstriction conditions associated with heart disease

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