Is CBD a Cure-All?

by in CBD Information October 14, 2019

After the 2013 CNN documentary called “Weed” was aired to millions of viewers, researchers and the public have gradually gotten on board with the power of CBD treatments. Whether it’s decreasing epileptic seizures, depression, or chronic pain, it seems that everyone can find some benefit from integrating a regular CBD habit into their lives.


That said, does CBD cure everything? While the research demonstrating its positive impacts on physical, mental, and emotional health are impressive, just how much can CBD do for the regular person?


What Is CBD?


CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is one out of dozens of cannabinoids that comprises the cannabis plant. Most legal treatments on the market are extracted from hemp, which contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive compound dubbed THC. Despite its association with marijuana, CBD actually works to counteract the ‘high’ sensation and instead promotes a sense of sober relaxation.


What Does CBD Do?


Recent research has shown that CBD can function as a power anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and mood stabilizer, in addition to relieving the pain of many chronic conditions.


By binding to receptors along the endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD may combat health conditions from a myriad of angles. The ECS is responsible for promoting homeostasis in the body, regulating functions like appetite, digestion, pain response, mood, inflammation, autoimmune behavior, and more.


Not only might CBD treat current conditions, studies have shown that it may also prevent worsening symptoms from developing over time. The FDA recently approved the first prescription medication crafted with CBD, called Sativex, in 2016 after several promising studies showed that it could reduce seizures, multiple sclerosis, and neuropathic conditions. In short, CBD is widely considered to have neuroprotective properties at even very small doses.


Many have turned to CBD not only because it prevents and treats health conditions, but because it has comparatively fewer drawbacks than other traditional treatments. CBD doesn’t cause the foggy-headed sensation associated with pain medication and the majority of users report no unintended side effects from long term use.


The World Health Organization recently stated that CBD should be considered safe, since it is “generally well tolerated” and has no potential for dependency.


So, Does CBD Cure Everything?


Though it is claimed that CBD has been shown to work well for a wide variety of conditions, that doesn’t mean that CBD treatments can cure everything.


Ultimately, CBD is best used when paired with a physician recommended course of action. By using CBD in conjunction with a healthy diet, as well as with medications that don’t cause any negative interactions, the health condition may be improved over time.


Rather, CBD allegedly works to diminish the symptoms of persistent conditions through targeting the issue at the root. Research has not demonstrated that CBD can cure neurological issues, cancers, depression, or other conditions; however, the severity of the problem might be greatly diminished, allowing users to find long term solutions.

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