How Does CBD Work For Huntington’s Disease

by in CBD Information October 12, 2019
CBD oil for Huntington Disease

Huntington’s Disease is a devastating diagnosis. It is an inherited condition for which there is no known cure (though there have been promising results in a new treatment currently in trials). Unfortunately, the disease is always fatal, although it can take as long as 20 years for a person who has just recently started showing symptoms to pass away. 

Typically, this comes after several years of declining health that ultimately results in a person being bed-ridden and unable to care for themselves. Even though there is no cure at present, it is believed that CBD can possibly help. In fact, it might be one of the more promising treatments discovered in the last several years.

What Is Huntington’s Disease?

As previously mentioned, it is a condition that is inherited, although a person may not be aware that he or she has it for the first few decades of life. Generally speaking, a person begins experiencing the first symptoms of the disease in their 30’s or 40’s, although children as young as two years of age have been diagnosed. 

The initial symptoms usually involve involuntary, jerking movements of the upper body. People typically decide to see their doctor after they notice persistent movements of their head, arms and hands that are not intentional. 

Once the disease has been diagnosed, medical professionals may prescribe various treatments, almost all of which are designed to make the symptoms of the disease easier to bear. Since there is no cure, the only other recourse is to treat the symptoms. 

Sadly, most people who succumb to the disease die because of complications from it. More than half the time, it is pneumonia that actually kills the individual in question, as they slowly decline until they can no longer move, feed themselves, or even swallow.

How Does CBD Work For Huntington’s Disease?

Unfortunately, CBD cannot cure the disease. However, it might be able to help reduce some of the symptoms associated with it. For some patients, there is hope that taking CBD could potentially allow them to have more freedom to live their lives for a longer period of time after diagnosis. Some even hope that it will give them a few extra precious moments with their loved ones. 

CBD can potentially benefit the neurological system in the body. Since Huntington’s disease has a direct impact on this system, the use of CBD may slow its progression. In addition, CBD may help reduce any pain that the individual feels. By the same token, it may help curb the anxiety and depression that many patients experience after they have been diagnosed.

Being diagnosed with Huntington’s disease can be devastating, not only for the patient involved, but also for the family. It’s easy to understand why someone who has been diagnosed would feel depressed and anxious. That being said, there is a chance that CBD could potentially help a person suffering from the disease better deal with a number of the symptoms that are typical of it. It may even help that individual live a fuller life for a longer amount of time, perhaps enough time to allow medical science to find a potential cure.

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