How does CBD work for Alzheimer’s Disease

by in CBD Information October 12, 2019
CBD Oil for Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most horrific things that a family can go through. When someone you love has the disease, you slowly watch them deteriorate until they are no longer the person that you’ve always known. Day by day, a little more of their very essence slips away until eventually, they don’t know the people that are closest to them or even where they are. It can be gut-wrenching to watch someone you love get to the point where they no longer know your name. 


Many people who have watched someone close to them suffer from Alzheimer’s disease have said that it feels like a death in the family, even though that person is still technically alive. That’s largely because so much of what made them who they were gets lost to the disease. When that happens, everyone involved suffers. 


There hasn’t been a lot of positive information in recent years concerning effective treatments for the condition, but there does seem to be some hope that CBD oil could help slow the progression of the disease.


How Can CBD Oil Help Those Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease?


One of the biggest ways that CBD oil can be beneficial for someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s is by reducing inflammation. It’s believed that inflammation in the brain is largely why Alzheimer’s develops in the first place. By reducing the inflammation, it’s thought that CBD oil may potentially slow the progression of the disease. For someone who is at risk for developing the disease, it’s even hoped that taking CBD oil prior to the development of Alzheimer’s could potentially prevent the disease from happening to begin with. 


More research must be conducted to determine this information definitively. However, CBD oil does appear to be useful in reducing inflammation throughout the body, making it one of the more interesting methods of potentially combating Alzheimer’s disease.


Are There Other Ways CBD Oil Can Help Combat the Disease?


In addition to reducing inflammation, CBD oil is also thought to help people increase their mental focus, largely through developing better mental clarity and enhanced memory. While it’s not likely that every person that takes CBD oil will experience all of these benefits, many people have reported experiencing similar things. Scientists think that it’s because the CBD oil attaches to receptors in the brain that are directly responsible for memory. Therefore, it is possible that CBD oil may help combat Alzheimer’s disease in more than one manner. 


It may simultaneously reduce inflammation and provide a memory boost. The initial research in this area is promising, making it a solid alternative treatment for those who are newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or those who fear they are at risk of developing the disease later on in life.


Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is frightening, not only for the patient, but for everyone close to that individual as well. In much the same way that cancer eats away at the body, Alzheimer’s eats away at the mind. The real tragedy is that the body may remain strong for quite some time after the mind seems to be gone. 


It’s good news that CBD oil could potentially help slow the progression of the disease. In some individuals who are at risk but have not yet developed it, taking CBD oil could potentially help prevent the disease from taking hold.

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