History Of CBD And Cannabis In: United Kingdom

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History of cannabis in the united kingdom

There is no question: When it comes to popular opinion on cannabis, the times are changing. The view of the public on cannabis criminalization continues to shift, and as a result, more and more governments are taking steps to liberalize their cannabis laws.

This has taken a variety of different forms, including the legalization of medical marijuana, lowered penalties for cannabis use and possession and more of an emphasis on treatment (as opposed to incarceration) of people using drugs.

Many of these changes have been concentrated in the United States and Europe, and the United Kingdom is no exception. The country has had a somewhat confusing relationship with the drug but appears to be well on their way towards taking a more progressive stance over its various limits.

History Of Cannabis In The United Kingdom

England’s history with cannabis is relatively extensive. Indeed, marijuana seeds that were dated to the 10th century were found in York. Hemp was a popular compound in the United Kingdom as recently as the 16th century, when King Henry VIII required that landowners grow hemp.

Cannabis began to be used for intoxication as early as 1842, when the drug was originally studied for medications. Parts of the British Empire began to ban it in 1840, and the United Kingdom banned it in 1928. When Britain began to schedule drugs, it was classified as a Class B Drug (on a scale of A-C), which put it in the middle ground. In 2004, it was moved to Class C, which lowered penalties for use, but that decision was reversed and cannabis was restored to a Class B drug in 2009.

Current Legal Status Of Cannabis

Any recreational use of marijuana in the United Kingdom remains illegal. A 2017 survey showed that 7.2% of people in the United Kingdom (18-59) have used marijuana, and it remains the most popular illegal drug in the country.

The drug is somewhat decriminalized in the country, and a “cannabis warning” can be given for the possession of less than an ounce of cannabis. Further violations for possession can result in five years in jail, and trafficking or distribution can result in 14 years.

However, since 1993, the United Kingdom has been giving out licenses for the growth of industrial cannabis, and the country currently is a large exporter of cannabis. That industry has been fueled by changes in Parliament which created a medical marijuana program in the United Kingdom. In order to get a marijuana card, patients must be authorized by a specialist consultant. Furthermore, current guidelines require that a patient can only get medical marijuana if other medical options have been exhausted.

Cannabis laws in the United Kingdom are somewhat complex, but fortunately, CBD laws make sense. CBD purchased with under .2% THC is legal to be used and consumed for any reason in the United Kingdom. CBD with higher levels of THC can be prescribed.

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