History Of CBD And Cannabis In: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

by in CBD Information January 17, 2020
CBD Oil In the United Arab Emirates

If you’re trying to better understand the historical and cultural implications of cannabis use in the United Arab Emirates, it just might be enough to make your head spin. Chances are, you’ll end up rather confused and combating a migraine after you get done trying to sort it all out. To state the obvious, any and all use of cannabis is considered to be highly illegal in the country.

Granted, this is supposed to be an article that’s geared more toward the history of cannabis in that region but it’s virtually impossible to discuss its history without bringing up the legal implications associated with it. As such, both aspects of cannabis cultivation and use will be discussed.

Legal Implications Of Cannabis Use In The UAE

You might be interested to know that the laws in that country are among some of the harshest that you will likely ever run up against. You’re not allowed to grow cannabis in any form, nor are you allowed to possess it, sell it or use it. The government there typically goes in search of those who have even the smallest amount of cannabis either on them or in their system and if you’re caught with even a tiny amount in your system, you might be jailed for up to four years with no hope of being released early.

It’s not even legal to grow industrial hemp in that country, regardless of the fact that the hemp has no ability to get a person high whatsoever. It’s also worth noting that CBD is considered an illegal narcotic in the United Arab Emirates, something that will land you in jail just as quickly as smoking marijuana in public.

What About The Historical And Cultural Significance?

One of the reasons that they crack down so hard on cannabis use from a legal standpoint is because it’s directly tied to the cultural heritage of the region. Most of the people who live there are Muslims and as such, they have a tendency to believe that it is strictly forbidden to use cannabis or any other psychoactive drug. As a result, the laws of the country are extremely harsh.

There’s also a great deal of historical significance involved here, as anyone who is caught using cannabis is likely to be shamed. In some cases, they might even be ashamed to the point of being completely shunned by their own families. This is especially true if the person in question is a female, as anything that they have done which is deemed to be shameful is believed to also bring shame on their entire family.

One of the more interesting things to note here is that younger individuals in the country are starting to change the way they think about cannabis. That being said, there is a very long road ahead for anyone who wants to use cannabis in that particular region. Medical marijuana is not allowed and for the moment, any attempt at using marijuana, CBD or any other substance that is deemed a narcotic is seriously looked down upon from both a legal and a cultural perspective.

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