History Of CBD And Cannabis In: Ukraine

by in CBD Information January 17, 2020
CBD Oil In Ukraine

If you’ve ever wondered about the history of cannabis use in the Ukraine, you might want to know that it’s been something of a patchwork of different ideals and legalities. This is largely because the Ukrainian government didn’t exist until more recent times. At one point, this region fell under Soviet rule and when it did, things were far more different than they are today.

Since the Soviet Union dissolved several years ago, Ukraine has sort of come into its own. That being said, it has definitely experienced more than its fair share of growing pains. Part of that has been related to the cultivation and use of cannabis, something that the nation is still adapting its stance on, even in the present day.

What Is The History Of Cannabis Use Like In Ukraine?

Traditionally, the use of cannabis for recreational purposes has always been illegal in the country. However, the penalties are not nearly as harsh in modern-day Ukraine as they were when the country was under Soviet rule, as previously mentioned. Furthermore, the Ukrainian government made it possible for individuals to have up to 10 cannabis plants at their place of residence that they could use for individual purposes without going to prison for doing so.

That regulation was something of a slippery slope, to say the least. Cannabis wasn’t legalized, but for anyone possessing 10 plants or less, the offense was decriminalised. That’s a fancy way of saying that people who were in these types of situations would often face a rather nominal fine as opposed to seeing jail time. However, possession of anything more than that could indeed result in far harsher penalties.

History Of Cannabis Still Evolving In Ukraine

Without a doubt, the way that cannabis is viewed in the country is changing on a daily basis. In fact, the country just made a push in 2019 to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. This essentially gives individuals who can prove a medical need for either marijuana or CBD an opportunity to get the help that they’ve been searching for without worrying about being legally prosecuted for it. It also marks a substantial shift in the way that the country’s officials think about the use of cannabis.

While it still hasn’t been legalized for recreational purposes, Ukraine is showing that they’re willing to take a more proactive approach to the cultivation and use of cannabis when there is a potential benefit for individuals, such as when there is a medical need for it. At the same time, they’ve also had a history of being very open to the cultivation of industrial hemp as a means of making money for the country, as the majority of those crops are exported to other countries around the world.

Those who are currently living in Ukraine may not think that things are perfect with regard to cannabis cultivation and use, but if you look at the history of these things in the country as compared to where they stand now, a great deal of progress has been made in a relatively short amount of time. It provides hope that individuals will not always have to worry about being prosecuted for something as simple as the possession of CBD or marijuana. For now, things seem to be moving in the right direction and the majority of individuals living there appear to be happy about that fact.

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