History Of CBD And Cannabis In: Turkey

by in CBD Information January 16, 2020
CBD Oil In Turkey

If you plan on traveling to Turkey anytime in the near future, it might be pertinent to gain a better understanding of the types of laws surrounding the use of cannabis. For that matter, you probably want to know what the laws are regarding its possession, especially if you intend to travel with CBD.

Even though hemp-based CBD does not contain THC like marijuana does, many governments regard it in exactly the same manner. Therefore, you may be traveling with something that cannot get you high but you could still find yourself in legal trouble as if you came into the country with an entire suitcase full of marijuana.

In order to better understand the Turkish laws, you also have to understand the history of cannabis in Turkey. Even if you don’t plan on traveling there anytime in the foreseeable future, you might find some of this information rather interesting.

What Is The History Of Cannabis In Turkey?

It’s really not that much different than it is in so many other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, people have been growing and using cannabis in the country for decades, just like they have practically everywhere else. That said, they had to do so in secret because the government in Turkey seems quite set on ensuring that anyone caught with cannabis is punished rather severely.

Therefore, most of the people that grow cannabis in the area do so in small, discreet grow houses. Some of them even grow marijuana plants in their basement, all in hopes of keeping their endeavors out of the public eye and away from government regulation.

What Happens To Those Who Are Caught Growing Cannabis In The Country?

Turkey seems to enjoy making an example out of anyone who is caught either growing or using cannabis in the region and they do so with prison sentences that are often rather lengthy. Even for those who are caught with only a small amount of cannabis, the punishment can be extremely severe, even by the standards set in countries such as the United States.

Those who do choose to grow or use cannabis in Turkey are taking a rather large risk because if they’re caught, they could find themselves in legal trouble that goes on for years and years. By the same token, anyone who is traveling to the country should be well aware of both the history and the laws surrounding cannabis in Turkey as officials in that particular country seem to enjoy making examples out of individuals who travel there from other countries and end up breaking their laws.

If you don’t want to find yourself sitting in a Turkish jail, it’s best to adhere to the laws they have set forth with regard to cannabis, as their history of arrests and convictions is rather daunting.

Hope For The Future Of CBD In Turkey

There’s no doubt that the history of cannabis cultivation in Turkey is rather bleak but there does seem to be new hope on the horizon. Recently, officials in the country made it legal for individuals to plant industrial hemp. Historically, this is the first step in becoming more open-minded about the use of cannabis in general.

Many individuals who live in the region are hoping that this will be a new chapter in Turkey’s history with regard to cannabis laws. Only time will tell, but at least it seems like they’re starting to take steps in the right direction.

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