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by in CBD Information January 10, 2020
CBD Oil In Taipei

There is no question about it: Cannabis laws are becoming more progressive across the world. These changes, driven by evolving public opinion, have come in many forms. The most popular marijuana liberalization of late has been the legalization of medical marijuana, a process which is being pushed by an evolving scientific understanding of the drug. However, many countries are also decriminalizing personal possession of marijuana, while at the same time changing their sentencing laws to concentrate more or treatment, rather than incarceration.

Much of this change has happened in the Western world, and while some countries in the Far East have engaged in some marijuana liberalization, many have not. Such is the case for Taiwan, the island nation of roughly 23,000,000 people. Taiwan continues to have very harsh marijuana laws, and at the moment shows no sign of liberalizing them.

History And Culture Of Cannabis In Taiwan

According to one source, the earliest recorded use of a human using cannabis occurred in Taiwan. This apparently occurred over 10,000 years ago.

Despite its origins in the country, marijuana use does not appear to be popular in Taiwan, with numerous reports indicating that it is not particularly easy to come by. Furthermore, the government has taken a harsh stand against its use. For example, after Canada legalized marijuana, the Taiwanese government put out a bulletin reminding citizens that the substance is prohibited and promising “severe consequences” for people caught with it.

Current Legal Status And Reform Efforts

All forms of marijuana use in Taiwan are illegal, including for recreational or medical use. Prison sentences for use are harsh: Possession can result in up to three years in jail, while trafficking can result in up to seven. In more severe cases, drug trafficking can result in a death sentence.

At the moment, no legislation has been introduced which would liberalize marijuana laws in the country. However, that hasn’t stopped protestors from fighting for legalization: In April 2019, a group of 300 activists protested outside of Taiwan’s Parliament, calling for marijuana to be regulated as a medication, rather than a Class 2 drug.

Anecdotal reports have noted that marijuana is obtainable in Taiwan, particularly in its capital of Taipei, but that police will strictly enforce prohibitions against the use of the substance. Other news reports, such as American citizens being arrested for growing marijuana in their Taipei apartments, are further proof that local law enforcement takes these issues seriously.

Given the relatively harsh state of marijuana laws in the country, you will probably not be surprised to learn that CBD is also illegal in Taiwan if the product contains more than 10 parts per million of marijuana. If that’s the case, police have warned that individuals could be charged with consumption or possession of a Class 2 drug and be subjected to the penalties noted above. However, police were silent about broad spectrum CBD, which should contain no THC.

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