History of CBD and Cannabis In: San Marino

by in CBD Information December 19, 2019
CBD Oil In San Marino

What is the history of cannabis use like in San Marino, a beautiful part of Italy that is sure to leave most who see it with a burning desire to return? Like so many other places around the world, the history is rather colorful. However, it can also be confusing when one is looking at the history from a legal standpoint.


Since most people who don’t already live in the area or who haven’t spent the majority of their lives there want to know whether or not they’re going to get into trouble by utilizing marijuana or CBD while they’re in the region, it’s important to touch on this subject when discussing the history of cannabis in San Marino. The problem is, there aren’t a lot of clear-cut answers.

How Has Cannabis Use Traditionally Been Viewed in San Marino?

As far as popular culture in the area is concerned, it’s perfectly acceptable. People in the region don’t have a tendency to think much about seeing someone using marijuana or CBD, nor do they seem to have a problem with someone who is growing a crop of their own. That being said, things get very muddy for anyone who steps into the legal side of things when it comes to this particular subject matter.


As far back as the early 1970’s, 1973 to be exact, there was a question about whether or not the government in the area even considered cannabis a narcotic. This was brought to light when an official list of illegal narcotics was published with regard to the area and cannabis was not included.


The thing that makes it so confusing is that certain other products that are commonly associated with cannabis were listed. Furthermore, there is no part of this document that specifically states that cannabis is legal. This has understandably left a lot of people confused. The confusion still continues to this day in some instances, although things have improved considerably.

How Have Things Changed Over the Years

Even though things aren’t always entirely clear when it comes to the legality of cannabis use in the area, things have progressed at a more rapid pace there than in many other parts of the world. This is largely because of the history and culture involved. For example, a drug that is made from cannabis is now available at the national level, completely free of charge to individuals who suffer from multiple sclerosis or other qualifying conditions. Furthermore, the government there legalized both marijuana and CBD for medical purposes as far back as 2016.


While it’s still not considered advisable to use it for recreational purposes, the history of the region says otherwise. As a result, many people use it both for medicinal and recreational needs and have been doing so for years.


One of the truly interesting things about San Marino is that the government seems to take a different stance on cannabis use there than in many other parts of the world. They’re looking at things from the perspective that cannabis might be able to help people who have a genuine medical need, whether that involves some aspect of physical or mental health. As a result, they’re starting to use both marijuana and CBD for those purposes. In turn, both the government and the people who live there are benefiting from it.

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