History of CBD and Cannabis In: Saint Lucia

by in CBD Information December 19, 2019
CBD Oil In Saint Lucia

What is the history of cannabis use in Saint Lucia? If you need a second to brush up on your geography, Saint Lucia is one of the Caribbean islands, a popular tourist destination and one of the places that many people dream of retiring to at some point in their future.


After taking a visit there, one might find themselves dreaming of retiring to the area even more than they had been previously. That’s largely because cannabis use is somewhat ingrained into the history of the country itself. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legal, at least not technically. However, it is a common practice there.

Is It Common to Use Cannabis Even if It’s Not Legal?

Anyone who thinks the answer to this question is no should think back to the times of Prohibition in the United States. Even during this time when alcohol was officially illegal, it did nothing to stop alcohol consumption. As a matter of fact, all it really did was drive the alcohol industry to move underground and become even more resilient than it had previously been.


Eventually, it was once again legalized and things went on as if nothing had ever happened, with one major exception. People had found out how to become very good at hiding what they were doing, whether they were making it or consuming it. The same thing happens with virtually every other substance known to mankind in all parts of the world.


Merely saying that something is illegal does not necessarily mean that it’s not an important part of the history or the culture. That is exactly the case here. Officially, it’s illegal to produce or consume cannabis in any capacity, regardless of the reason for doing so.


However, it’s also important to note that Saint Lucia is an island, the only landmass around for miles. A whopping twenty percent of the cannabis consumed on Saint Lucia is grown right there on the island. The rest of it comes from Saint Vincent, another island that’s fairly close.

Why Is Cannabis Use So Important to the History of the Area?

There are a couple of different reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that it’s been that way for as long as most people living on the island can remember. It was the same way for their parents and even their grandparents. It’s something that has always been popular in the region. If people are being honest with themselves, cannabis use is popular in most locations but it has unfortunately been demonized by many officials and some cases, even the media. That means that most people consume it in private.


In Saint Lucia, people are a bit more open about doing so but they don’t make a big deal out of it, either. For all intents and purposes, officials have a tendency to turn a blind eye to anyone that they do see growing or smoking it. As a result, most people continue on as if nothing ever happened.


The biggest thing to remember is that when in Saint Lucia, it’s not uncommon to see people smoking cannabis. The truth is, it might be a little more difficult to find CBD in the area than it is to find weed. There’s no doubt that cannabis has been an important part of the history of the region and that isn’t likely to change any time in the near future.

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