History of CBD and Cannabis In: Romania

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CBD Oil In Romania

The wave of cannabis liberalization and legalization which has struck much of the world has left almost no region of this planet untouched. Marijuana has rapidly changed its place in public policy, moving from an area which was one overwhelmingly illegal and criminalized to an increasingly accessible and medically prescribed drug.


This feeling of liberalization has affected places like North America and Europe the strongest, although it has hit these countries with varying strengths. One such example is the Eastern European country of Romania. Romania allows for a limited amount of medical marijuana to be used, but recreational marijuana remains illegal in the country.

History of Cannabis in Romania

The history of cannabis in Romania is relatively old, as marijuana was found in archaeological sites at Gurbanesti and Frumusica. Marijuana was used in the country for some time and was legal until 1928, when Romania made the drug and its preparations illegal. That punishment was enhanced in the Romanian Criminal Code of 1968, when created extensive punishments of 3-15 years imprisonment for manufacture of possession, as well as imprisonment of 15-25 years for participation in an “organized” drug trade.


Romania began to soften their hard stance of marijuana prohibition with the formal adoption of harm reduction language in 2008, which began the process of recognizing a legal framework for treatment and addiction reduction services.

Current Legal Status of Cannabis & CBD in Romania

Recreational use of marijuana remains totally illegal in the country. However, starting in 2013, Romania did soften their strict prohibitions, becoming the 10th country in the European Union to legalize medical marijuana. The program is not a formal medical marijuana regime as established in some counties or American states; instead, it simply allows doctors to prescribe cannabis-based medication, as long as that medication contains .2% THC or less. This would potentially open the way for drugs like Sativex to be prescribed.


However, this program is still relatively limited. In March 2019, reports began to be published which indicated that Romania was considering an expansion of their medical marijuana program. It’s Health Ministry created a commission to examine legalizing medical marijuana for people who suffer from certain health conditions. This is viewed as the start of a process which could lead to the legalization of medical marijuana, although the commission has yet to release any data, studies or policy recommendations.


According to survey data, marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in Romania, although the rates of marijuana use in the country were lower than other European countries, with only 5.8% of 15-64 year olds reporting using the drug.

CBD is legal in Romania.

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