History of CBD and Cannabis In: Portugal

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CBD Oil In Portugal

Cannabis has become much more popular across the world, and public opinion has changed very quickly. which largely opposed the legalization of cannabis to a planet where cannabis legalization is favored in countless countries. As a result, dozens of countries have liberalized their drug and laws, opting to concentrate their resources on treatment, rather than prohibition.


Most countries have not gone as far as broadly legalizing marijuana or decriminalizing all drugs, but in 2001, Portugal moved well ahead of the curve, becoming the first European country to fully decriminalize all drugs, including marijuana.

History of Cannabis in Portugal & Colonies

Portugal, like many European nations, has a history of possession and operation of colonial colonies. Cannabis was found in at least two of these places: Goa and Brazil. Portugal sailors and farmers traded for hemp and cannabis during this time. Interestingly, experience with cannabis prohibition goes back to Rio de Janeiro, when the Brazilian city banned the use of cannabis in 1830.

Current Legal Status of Cannabis and CBD in Portugal

Portugal’s drug laws are some of the most progressive in the entire world.


In 2001, Portugal decriminalized a ten day possession for all drugs in personal amounts. Individuals caught within those parameters will not be subjected to any penalties, but future penalties or possession of higher amounts may result in civil penalties or required drug treatment. However, it is important to remember that decriminalization is not the same thing as fully legal. Penalties are still imposed on violators; those penalties are simply not criminal ones.


Marijuana possession is decriminalized in the country for personal use. This means that individuals may possess up to 25 grams of plant material or 5 grams of hash.


Studies showed that these changes led to an influx of funding to drug treatment programs and a large uptake of people in treatment. There is also some evidence to suggest that the decriminalization of drugs may have decreased transmission and diagnosis of certain drug transmitted diseases, such as HIV. Portugal’s rate of drug-related deaths are also unquestionably lower than the rest of the European Union.


In 2018, Portugal also joined the growing list of countries which legalized medical marijuana. It’s parliament passed a law which allows for the prescription and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes. According to the new law, Doctor’s could prescribe marijuana for any condition (as long as other treatments were not effective) and could be picked up at a pharmacy. Medical marijuana will be governed by the National Authority of Medicines and Health products, and this agency would have to approve any vendor which sought to produce or sell medical marijuana in the country.


CBD’s legal picture in the country is confusing. While the growth of industrial hemp is legal, there is no explicit clarification on CBD’s legality. As a result, enforcement of whether or not CBD is legal has been inconsistent.

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