History of CBD and Cannabis In: North Macedonia

by in CBD Information December 19, 2019
CBD Oil In North Macedonia

If you know someone that lives in North Macedonia or you’re planning a trip to the area, it only stands to reason that you might be interested to know a few things about the history of cannabis cultivation and use in the area. This is especially true if you’re one of the tens of millions of people around the world that relies on medical marijuana to potentially control pain, reduce anxiety, and stave off certain disease processes.

How Is Cannabis Linked To The History Of North Macedonia?

Traditionally, the entire area has had a number of issues with both drug and human trafficking, making the area one of the more dangerous places for people to travel. As such, cannabis has traditionally had a rather troubled association until recently.


It wasn’t until approximately three years ago that the government there made the decision to change the laws regarding the use of cannabis. Currently, it’s legal to use medical marijuana as long as a person possesses a prescription by a licensed physician who is qualified to prescribe medical marijuana.


In almost every case, these types of prescriptions are written for only a handful of diseases, namely epilepsy, HIV, and some forms of cancer. Physicians who work for private facility are not allowed to write prescriptions for medical marijuana, so these prescriptions must come from physicians who work in public facilities.

What About CBD?

According to the current laws, anything that contains more than 0.2% THC is regarded as medical cannabis. This involves the exact same type of products that were just discussed in the previous paragraph. However, CBD and other products that contain less than 0.2% THC are also widely available in North Macedonia.


Individuals interested in these products can purchase them at local pharmacies. This makes North Macedonia somewhat unique in the sense that they have a very strict outlook on the amount of THC that can be included, as even the United States allows 0.3% THC in its products that are legal nationwide. Nevertheless, individuals who are interested in utilizing CBD can typically do so without any issues.


Many times, the biggest issue involves traveling to a pharmacy that sells the products and finding one that can keep these products in stock. In the three years since these laws changed, both CBD and medical marijuana have become extremely popular. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult for suppliers to keep up with demand.


North Macedonia also changed one more thing when they made these changes in 2016. They started allowing individuals to cultivate marijuana with the intention of selling it for medical cannabis. It’s not easy to get a license in order to do this, but for those who are able to meet the requirements, it opens up an entirely new source of revenue. This in turn helps the general economy while simultaneously reducing unemployment in the area and giving individuals who might have previously struggled financially an opportunity to pursue some new avenues of income.T

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